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Chat Instruction Guide
« on: July 01, 2019, 01:14:43 AM »

1.  Google Chrome is the best browser to use for the chat, as it works with both mobile and desktop. 
2.  Chat requires Registration, which is a simple and necessary process.
3.  Video is disabled, so there is no concern or fear about being seen.
4.  Audio can be accessed by clicking on the middle arrow to the right of the Screen (I have
     provided an attachment)
, then pressing the "Broadcastoff" button.  At that point you will be able to speak in the chat.
5.  Note:  Broadcast button Must be pushed to speak.

You can change rooms by clicking on the RED Rooms text. You can also see who is in the room by clicking on the red Users button.
Also when changing rooms, turn off the big  "Broadcast" button and reclick that button when entering the next room..

  • Private Chat:Able to recieve and send private messages
  • Camera:  Turns off and on Voice (Video has been disabled)
  • Broadcast Button:  Turns off and on Voice (Video has been disabled)
  • Sound:  Turns off and on Sounds
  • Room List:  List of Available Rooms
  • Users List:  List of Online Users
  • Calendar and notices
  • Male and Female lists
  • Change Background
  • Upload Image
  • Youtube Sharing
  • Voice Messages

Please let me know if you have any further questions or suggestions.

Blessings Very Richly,
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