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The States of USA and History O-T (6 States)
« on: October 08, 2019, 08:10:55 PM »
         Oregon Facts and Figures
Capital:   Salem
Total area:   254,806 sq km
Population:   3,594,586 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Western Meadowlark
State flower:   Oregon Grape Blossom
State tree:   Douglas Fir
From Coastline's to Mountain tops to waterfalls discovering Oregon is entertainment or a unique kind.
Visit the 9 lighthouses sitting majestically among the rocky coastline or take a walk through the Oregon Dunes between the Pacific Ocean and the series of lakes.
Between Willamette and the Columbia Rivers is Portland where more than 500 varieties of Rose's have been cultivated giving it the title "The City of Roses".
Mount Hood, while in actuality is a dormant volcano, stands with snow on it's cap as a source of outdoor activities to include, skiing and hiking with beautiful scenery all around.
A trip through Silver Falls State Park with it's 10 waterfalls offers an afternoon or a weekend of exploration through a forested park. Crater Lake, formed by the collapse of a volcano is the deepest Lake in the United States.
With clear, crystal-blue waters, it's surrounded by natural beauty. The Oregon Caves National Monument, which was naturally carved within an outcropping of solid marble, has several large rooms and corridors, was discovered in 1874. Smith Rock State Park offers some incredibly craggy and rough surfaces that rock-climbers from around the globe test their skills on. John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, are hills where layers of weathering volcanic ash can be seen in unusual strips of color. The ash was deposited some 40 million years ago. So if you prefer visiting history of geography or taking a trip through Hell's Canyon, the deepest river gorge in North America on a raft or boat, or rock climbing, fishing, viewing Portland's architecture or a weekend in one of the many parks, Oregon offers it's own unique views and activities.

         Pennsylvania Facts and Figures
Capital:   Harrisburg
Total area:   135,765 sq km
Population:   12,406,292 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Ruffed Grouse
State flower:   Mountain Laurel
State tree:   Hemlock   
Known as an Industrial powerhouse for resources such as coal, timber, iron ore and oil, Pennsylvania was also an important part of the health and well-being of a newly forming America as a whole.
Lewis and Clark set off on their journey to discover the west from Pittsburgh.
In Eldred Pennsylvania is a World War II Museum dedicated to the men and women who fought to protect the independence the United States prides itself on.
Erie Pennsylvania is the home port of the U.S. Brig Niagara, which is a reconstruction or the warship that won the Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812.
In Waterford is the Fort Leboeuf Museum. This fort was used during the French and Indian War.
Hermitage Pennsylvania home to The Avenue of Flags, known for it's resurgence of patriotism, where a flag was erected for everyday the 53 citizens of the United States were held during the Iranian hostage crisis.
From Pennsylvania's Great Lakes, to wilds, to mountains history of the development of the United States abounds while enjoying activities such as fishing, hunting, hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, train rides through time and history as well as scenery trails are there to be discovered, through the development of a prosperous industrial, agriculture or architecture, your sure to find an array of activities.

Rhode Island
         Rhode Island Facts and Figures
Capital:   Providence
Total area:   4,002 sq km
Population:   1,080,632 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Rhode Island Red
State flower:   Violet
State tree:   Red Maple
Although Rhode Island is the smallest of the continental States, it is a powerhouse of history for the Nation.
With it's abundance of Colonial and Victorian homes as well as mansions to be toured, the first enclosed shopping mall, the first manufacturing plant in America Rhode Island offers history and beauty that is timeless.
Explore a delightful 17th century fishing village, or take a walk on the long sandy beaches. In Newport is a 5+ mile stretch of walkway called The Cliff Walk rough ocean waters far beneath with Mansion's on the top of the bluff's.
Many of the oldest and the old wealth people of the United States made Rhode Island home century's ago.
In Newport is the Historical society archives and library, which houses over 200,000 historical photographs as well as exhibits of colonial, silver, china, portraits and ship models.
Narragansett Bay offers activities such as waterfront dining, shopping, sailing, fishing, cruising, swimming and seal watching among the historic villages along the scenic coast.
Enjoy some time camping in some of the 60% of remaining woodlands or along the seashore. Travel out to Block island to see a glacial depression, with spectacular ocean views, which is the last remaining habitat of the Block Island Meadow Vole.
Part of New England, Rhode Island adds to the classical beauty of the region with winding roads, ocean travel and relaxing days laying on the beach under a warm summer sun.

South Carolina
         South Carolina Facts and Figures
Capital:   Columbia
Total area:   82,931 sq km
Population:   4,198,068 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Carolina Wren
State flower:   Carolina Jessamine
State tree:   Palmetto
Beside's well known beaches such as Myrtle Beach, South Carolina offers many more activities. 
In Abbeville, South Carolina, revisit a time when gracious hospitality was a way of life. When anticipation filled the days waiting for the entertainment of the evening.
In Beaufort, spanish explorers were the first to arrive over 100 years before the Pilgrims made their ocean voyage.  Lord Cornwallis spent his days and nights at the British garrison which could be found in Camden and fought the battle of Hobkirk Hill and Camden in the area.
Along the banks of the Pee Dee river is Cheraw, which was named for the Cheraw Indians who lived in the area. Cheraw is know by area residents as the prettiest town in dixie.
Darlington, in the heart of the agriculture region for the state, is home to tobacco auctions and numerous cotton fields.
Georgetown, was settled in 1526 and was the first settlement in North America, however Indian attacks and a hurricane drove the Spaniards out of the area. Re-established in 1729 and gained it's name from Kind George II.
Along the docks today, now called Harborwalk, is an array of shops and restaurants.
The movie Deliverance, about a whitewater rafting trip, was shot along the Chattooga River between Long Creek and Mountain Rest. 40 miles of river to explore that divides South Carolina from Georgia.
In Pendleton is a 6,000 square foot farm museum called Village Green. Tales of a ghost that haunt Hunter's store, built in 1850 as a general store, are passed through the generations.
Summerville, South Carolina was built for refuge during a time when Charleston was hit with malaria. Because of it's old homes and gardens, it's known as Flowertown in the pines.
So whether looking for warm ocean waters to swim, surf or just lay under the warm sun, to searching for a piece of the past of the beginning of the history of the United States, South Carolina is there to be explored.

South Dakota
         South Dakota Facts and Figures
Capital:   Pierre
Total area:   199,732 sq km
Population:   770,883 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Ring-Necked Pheasant
State flower:   Pasque Flower
State tree:   Black Hills Spruce
South Dakota brings to mind Mount Rushmore, long rivers, mountains and seasonal changes. Now some of the life in South Dakota will be brought to televisions screens with the new series "Deadwood".
Kayak down the Missouri River, following the same trail that Lewis and Clark did all those years ago when nature was raw, and the present became history.
Not more than 15 minutes from Mount Rushmore is Crazy Horse Memorial, carved in 1939, as a testament to the American Indians.
Named Paha Sapa by the Lakota Sioux, this 1.2 million acre expanse known as the Black Hills offers multiple activities such as hiking, biking and camping.
With deep canyons, cascading trout streams, mountain meadows, clear, clean lakes and towering granite peaks, surrounded by thick forest of spruce and pine trees which cover the slopes, from a distance making them look black, thus giving on of the oldest mountains it's name.
Jewel Cave is within the Black Hills and is the 3rd largest cave in the world, with nearly 130 mils of passages.
If caves are of interest, Wind Cave is also in South Dakota and is one of the worlds longest caves.
In southwestern South Dakota lay the badlands, with eroded buttes, pinnacles and spires, surrounded by grass prairie, this area remains protected so that it can remain a national treasure.
South Dakota is rich the history of an Indian Nation to the gold rush in the black hills in days where Deadwood was the place to be, as long as you stayed out of the way of people such as Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane.

         Tennessee Facts and Figures
Capital:   Nashville
Total area:   109,150 sq km
Population:   5,900,962 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Mockingbird
State flower:   Iris
State tree:   Tulip Poplar
Traveling through Tennessee is like taking a trip through time.
From the history of the development of the United States to the development of Country Music as well as Music as a whole. Tennessee has played a major role to where we are today.
Though the battles of yesterday are over, the memory of the brave people that fought in those battles is alive and well, their sacrifices have not gone without being honored for all generations to come.
In Elizabethton, these is an outdoor drama which depicts the history of Tennessee in the 18th Century. Hartsville, Tennessee continue's to maintain trails overlooking a battlefield from the Civil War that includes graves of some of those people that lost their lives, they also have erected a monument with all the names carved into it.
There are many such battlefields in Shiloh, Parker's Crossroads, Beech Grove, Franklin and Grover, just to name a few.
If it's the history of Music that perks your interest, artists such as B. B. King, Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, Isaac Hayes, Loretta Lynn and Hank Williams all were residents of Tennessee.
Of course Nashville filled with the world's music museum is an experience not to be overlooked. Also portrayed in the wax museum in Nashville more then 50 country music stars in their authentic clothes.
On the Sidewalk of Stars, more than 250 autographed hand and footprints. From lakes and waterfalls, mountains and gardens, there is much of Tennessee to discover for those ready for the adventure.


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