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The States of USA and History N-O (6 States)
« on: October 08, 2019, 07:48:37 PM »
New Mexico
         New Mexico Chat Facts
Capital:   Santa Fe
Total area:   314,917 sq km
Population:   1,903,289 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Roadrunner
State flower:   Yucca
State tree:   Pion
In the Wild West days of New Mexico, Billy the Kid, made his name.
Fort Sumner remains his final resting place, however his legend remains alive and active at the Billy the Kid Museum, where some 60,000 relics are on display, in Fort Sumner, New Mexico.
In Carlsbad, is the Carlsbad Caverns National Park. Caves filled with stalactites and stalagmites, are there to explore either with a guide or on self-guided tours.
The deepest limestone cave in the Nation at some 1,567 feet is in the Lechuguilla Cave. The "big room" is some eight football fields in length.
Also in the region are several other caves to explore. In Chama remains a railroad built more than 120 years ago on which, scenic railroad tours are offered from the steep Toltec Canyon to Colorado.
This is a remnant of a railroad that once stretched throughout the Rocky Mountains, known as, the Denver and Rio Grande railroad system.
In Santa Fe is the Sandia Peak Aerial tramway, which climbs 4,000 feet in 15 minutes, carry's 50 people with a spectacular 11,000 square mile view from the Rio Grande to Mount Taylor, to the Redondo Peak to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains to the Manzano Mountains.
New Mexico is also home to Roswell, which is infamous for UFO reports.
In Los Alamos, is the Valles Caldera National preserve where millions of years ago, a volcano collapsed leaving in it's wake this 15 mile wide center, one that has been pointed out from satellite's from outer space.
Activities such as cross country skiing, geology, stargazing, fishing, hiking, wagon rides, are offered in this region.
Also not to be overlooked are is the Tent Rocks National Monument which was formed by explosions from volcanic eruption and the White Sands National Monument where gypsum sand covers some 275 square miles of desert and offer many activities to those wishing to view it.

New York
         New York Facts and Figures
Capital:   Albany
Total area:   127,190 sq km
Population:   19,190,115 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Bluebird
State flower:   Rose
State tree:   Sugar Maple
The glitter and glamour of New York draws people by the thousand to seek fame, fortune or just to visit those that are seeking or have obtained fame and fortune.
Not to be overlooked is the Nation's history surrounding New York to include the Statue Of Liberty.
In the Adirondack mountains is a vast history of mining and military sites complete with bridges, farms, lighthouses, prisons and hamlets.
The Hancock house in Ticonderoga is a replica of the John Hancock house in Boston. Visit Lake Placid, the site of the 1932 Winter Olympic Games.
In Albany, New York's Capitol sits the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, which is the oldest Cathedral in the country.
Champlain Canal Byway in Saratoga Springs is the birthplace of the American Navy. In Johnstown, New York the Drumm House, built in the 1760's still stands as a testament to the history of the United States.
Activities such as air sports, boating, sailing, fishing, hiking, whitewater, kayaking, golfing, rock climbing, skiing, caving, scuba diving, dog sledding.. the possibilities are endless.
New York is home to some of the world's tallest buildings to include the remains of the 2001 terrorist act against the United States in the fall of the World Trade Center's, Twin Towers.
As in the past The United States will band together against it's adversaries.
As the bulk of traffic entering the United States enters through New York, the welcoming arms of truth and justice of the Statue Of Liberty continues to offer hope for a brighter future, one free of oppression and prejudice.
So if it's excitement you seek, there's not many places that can equal the excitement you'll find in New York.   

North Carolina
         North Carolina Facts and Figures
Capital:   Raleigh
Total area:   139,391 sq km
Population:   8,541,221 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Dogwood
State flower:   Camellia
State tree:   Pine
North Carolina stands as the last state to secede from the Union and join the Confederacy.
Within the borders of this historical State is much history, natural beauty and a wealth of story's of "The Old North State".
Travel to Waynesville where the last shot was to be fired marking the end of the civil war.
It was in Manteo, North Carolina that Pulitzer Prize winner Paul Green started the outdoor drama "The Lost Colony", which remains the oldest and longest running drama of it's kind, which was performed in the Waterside Theatre and tells the tale of of the original settler's and their struggles the New World.
Many such works of art continue throughout North Carolina. With the start of moonshine running from the law ended up leading North Carolina to being at the heart of racing country.
Speedways such as Lowe's Motor Speedway and Charlotte Speedway. From go karts to NASCAR, these fans take their racing very seriously.
The Wright Brother's first flight from North Carolina's Outer Banks marked a place in history that many feel will lead to the survival of Mankind.
With 120 different species of tree's, mountains filled with tales of the past of the Cherokee Indian's, lake, coastline North Carolina is abundant with activities and places for discovery.

North Dakota
         North Dakota Facts and Figures
Capital:   Bismarck
Total area:   183,112 sq km
Population:   634,366 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Western Meadowlark
State flower:   Wild Prairie Rose
State tree:   American Elm
North Dakota was the 39th state to be admitted into statehood 11/2/1889.
Visiting North Dakota is a portal to a distant time.
Lewis and Clark, Sacagawea, General Custer, Sitting Bull, and President Teddy Roosevelt all lived out larger-than-life adventures in North Dakota!
Visitors can follow in their footsteps or blaze your own path and discover what makes North Dakota a great place to visit.
In North Dakota one can follow the trail of Lewis and Clark, or visit Medicine Hole, where the Sioux climbed to escape Custer's troops. Also while in ND one might visit the United Tribes International Powwow, which is the best way to experience historic and modern Native American culture.
To round out your western experience, visit one of North Dakota's five forts. In the old west town of Medora one can visit the Chateau deMores, the home of the original settlers of Medora. Medora also offers plenty of entertainment with the Medora Musical, performed nightly in the amphitheater.
The Medora Musical is different every year and features performers from all over the globe. While in Medora one might also decide to get in tune with nature Medora offers horse back riding, camping, fishing, and borders Theodore Roosevelt National park.
North Dakota has a strong grasp on it's past with so much history to offer, however, the future of North Dakota relies greatly on it's agricultural industry and ranching.
Where there are cowboys there will be rodeos, the true sport of the wild west! So whether your interests lie in hunting, fishing, history, or plain relaxation North Dakota is a wonderful place to kick up your heels.

         Ohio Facts and Figures
Capital:   Columbus
Total area:   116,096 sq km
Population:   11,459,011 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Cardinal
State flower:   Scarlet Carnation
State tree:   Buckeye
The Ohio valley is the site of prehistoric, where the natives of the era's made geometric patterns and mounds of various shapes.
Visible remains of the Hopewell Culture are concentrated in the Scioto River valley near Chillicothe, Ohio.
Just 4 miles north of Brownsville is Flint Ridge, where there are quarry pits where flint was harvested in days where it was invaluable.
In Oregonia is the Fort Ancient State Memorial, where 18,000 feet of earthen walls were built by American Indians.
Outside of the village of Leo are some 37 example's of prehistoric Indian inscriptions.
Ohio was the birthplace and home to many presidents to include Ulysses S. Grant, James Garfield, Benjamin Harrison, William Taft, Warren Harding and although born in Virginia, William Henry Harrison proclaimed Ohio his home by settling in North Bend.
Ohio also houses the National Museum of the U.S.A. F., which can be seen at Wright Patterson AFB and features an imax theater where the history of flight can be experienced in a realistic manner.
Sandusky Ohio, home to some of the worlds biggest roller coasters is Cedar Point. If it's thrills you seek, few theme park's can match Cedar Point's adrenaline rush.
With it's vast waterways, lakes, open spaces, Ohio offers the outdoor enthusiast an array of activities from fishing, hunting, golfing and in the winter snow boarding, sledding, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing.

         Oklahoma Facts and Figures
Capital:   Oklahoma City
Total area:   181,035 sq km
Population:   3,523,553 (2004 est)
State Bird:
   Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher
State flower:   Mistletoe
State tree:   Redbud
Oklahoma a part of the wild west and easily recognized by a theater production by the same name has a wealth of history and natural resources.
Lake Texoma is one home of the striped bass hot spots. Chisholm Trail Heritage Center in Duncan breaths life back into the old west and the great cattle drives of the 19th century, with an imax theater.
Outside of Perkins Oklahoma is Horsethief Canyon Ranch, which was the hideout of the Bill Doolin gang in days where horseback was the way to travel and the future of the West was discussed with guns.
There are many such site's in the State with several ranch's that offer hospitality to those wishing to spend the day on the trails by horseback.
If horseback isn't your idea of how the west should be discovered there are hiking trails or mule-drawn wagon's. Travel along side the Cimarron River for some beautiful sightseeing.
In Norman Oklahoma is the NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory, which specializes in severe and hazardous weather research. Tours are allowed and encouraged.
Oklahoma is home to some of most renowned sculpture's of the Native Americans to include Standing Bear Native American Memorial Park, located in Ponca City, Oklahoma where a bronze sculpture of Ponca Chief Standing Bear stands 22 feet tall, honoring the six Native American tribes around Ponca City.
Talimena Scenic Byway consists of 54 mile's of highway through the Ouchita Mountains and has been named as a National Scenic Byway. The RS and K Railroad Museum in Sayre, Oklahoma houses over 250 model trains.
In Oklahoma City is the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. The Museum houses a 14,000 square foot turn of the century Western town named Prosperity Junction.
From Rodeo's to fishing, hunting, sightseeing, the history of the Old West, sightseeing, art's, culture, Oklahoma continues to hold many National treasure's sure to engage, entertain and fulfill a quest for knowledge.


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