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The States of USA and History M-N (6 States)
« on: October 08, 2019, 07:31:52 PM »
         Missouri Facts and Figures
Capital:   Jefferson City
Total area:   180,533 sq km
Population:   5,754,618 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Bluebird
State flower:   Hawthorn
State tree:   Dogwood
Whether you'd like a gently stroll around the Capitol building enjoying the quiet serenity of flower's and birds to the rugged hiking throughout the Ozark trail, Missouri offers history of the expansion of the west to the civil war.
See the giant red boulders, which make up Elephant Rocks State Park, on top of the Ozark hills. Take a visit to Mark Twain National Forest and enjoy with it's borders Wappapello Lake, known for its winter and spring crappie fishing.
Visit The Grand Gulf State Park, known as a mini-Grand Canyon, to the west of Thayer. Explore the many caves, trails, city streets can be a wondrous adventure for all.
Within Missouri is the world's largest man made caverns, in which scuba-diving is offered.
Take a glimpse at the 630 foot Gateway Arch, a reminder of Missouri's importance in the expansion westward. Stop into the Cathedral Basilica which holds the largest collection of mosaic art in the world.
Visit the home of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn from Mark Twain's delightful stories of the 2 boys and their adventures.
Whether your seeking out the history of the United States, art, culture, entertainment, outdoors activities, you'll find a delightful time in Missouri, known for it's hospitality to visitors.

         Montana Facts and Figures
Capital:   Helena
Total area:   380,837 sq km
Population:   926,865 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Western Meadowlark
State flower:   Bitterroot
State tree:   Ponderosa pine
Montana, home of Glacier and Yellowstone national parks, filled with wonder and beauty that is awe inspiring. Breath taking views along the many, horseback, cycling, hiking or rafting trails.
Follow in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark as they discovered what is known today. Step on the battle field of Little Big Horn and watch the reenactments. Life was tough and only the strong survived.
Nicknamed Treasure State, Montana lives up to the name with a past history of gold and silver mining. Along these mining routes lay ghost towns of the original settlers, what stories they could tell of the wild west in the days of Montana's discovery.
Montana has many indian tribes that remain alive today to continue to pass on the heritage of their tribes to their children and to those that wish to learn of life in native America.
With it's wide open spaces, fresh clean air, and a landscape unmatched anywhere else in the world, Montana remains a national treasure for all to explore.   

         Nebraska Facts and Figures
Capital:   Lincoln
Total area:   200,346 sq km
Population:   1,747,214 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Western Meadowlark
State flower:   Goldenrod
State tree:   Cottonwood
As unpredictable as is it's weather, Nebraska is filled with endless possibilities of exploration.
From the panhandle region to the Lewis and Clark Region to the metro region, Nebraska offers beautiful scenery and activities to fill your days.
Travel along the Heritage highway, where tall grass prairies and farmland close to the Missouri River, thrive. Lewis and Clark were not the only one to make the journey, native American's, trappers, the original settlers all made their life along the Missouri River.
Near Blair the first military post west of the Missouri River was placed, where life as on the frontier can be revisited.
On the Winnebago Reservation remains among the grassy plains, large bison herds. Stop in for a powwow, where tribal dances are still being practiced.
Spend some time boating, fishing, hiking, horseback riding to see just a sample of endless days to explore could provide.
If your looking for fossils Agate is internationally recognized, maybe you could be the one to find the fossil of a bear-dog.
Near Orchard is Ash Fall State Historical Park where 10 million years ago after the eruption of a volcano pre-historic animals suffocated at a watering hole.
Whether you're looking for a taste of the past, or just a taste of relaxation surrounded by some of the most awesome view, Nebraska, makes a fine stop in your adventures of life.

         Nevada Facts and Figures
Capital:   Carson City
Total area:   
286,352 sq km
Population:   2,334,771 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Mountain Bluebird
State flower:   Sagebrush
State tree:   Single-Leaf Pinion
Well known for the bright light of Las Vegas, Nevada offers, outdoor and indoor entertainment to fill your days and nights.
Filled with beautiful natural and manmade sights to see there is much more than casino's to explore.
Watch some of the off road challenges in the Black Rock Desert, stop by Virginia City, Nevada to see the history of mining in Nevada.
Take a trip to Sand Mountain with it's 600 feet height and 2 mile stretch of white sand dunes which is open to four wheel vehicle's. Spend some time white water rafting down the Colorado River.
Thousand of feet high in the East Humboldt range on the "highway to heaven" is Angel Lake filled with activities from camping, hiking and backpacking. Ruby Mountains in the Northeastern Nevada area are known to be the wettest and most lush in the state.
In the heart of this mountain range is Lamoille Canyon, where some of the most breathtaking views can be seen on a backpacking or hiking trip covering more then 100 miles. Lake Tahoe and Pyramid Lake with their crystal-clear waters and mountainous views.
Mount Rose is the highest point in the state that descends into Lake Tahoe. Red Rock Canyon, The Great Basin, Mount Charleston, Valley of Fire, are also there to be explored.
Whether you want to spend your day on the Las Vegas Boulevard or in solitude, you're sure to say it wasn't a waste of your time to discover just a piece of Nevada.

New Hampshire
         New Hampshire Facts and Figures
Capital:   Concord
Total area:   24,216 sq km
Population:   1,299,500 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Purple Finch
State flower:   Purple Lilac
State tree:   White Birch
Whether you wish to discover the history or a Nation or discover a place of tranquil beauty, New Hampshire known as a part of the New England States, can offer opportunities.
Take a trip to Mount Washington Valley, whether to ski, hick, fish or just sight see. Bretton Woods Mountain resort is also there to be explored.
From arts and heritage, flora and fauna, family entertainment, golf, maple sugaring, sleigh rides, romance, skiing, or just playing in the snow.
New Hampshire has a wide variety of activities while offering tremendous views covering the Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee, the Great North Woods, the Merrimack Valley, the seacoast and the White Mountains.
While in the White Mountains experience rock climbing, ice climbing, snow shoeing or cross country skiing whether on a guided tour or on your own.
Or spend an evening for 2 in one of the most gorgeous romantic getaways surrounded by the White Mountains.
Enjoy a warm cozy fire and champagne or just enjoy breakfast in bed while gazing out your window at the snow draped mountain.
Spend some time at the Castle in the Clouds, while being surrounded by 5,200 acre's of the Ossipee Mountains, while viewing Lake Winnipesaukee.
Spend some time hiking, through the marked mountain trails.
Stop and feed the giant trout at Shannon Pond or take along a picnic basket to stop for a snack while enjoying the scenery.
If you'd like to a taste at the wildlife, stop by the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, 200 acre's of natural science abound.
From bears to otters, owls, bobcats, foxes live there in peace, living life as they always have, untouched by civilization.
Take a cruise on Lake Winnipesaukee or spend at day at Canobie Lake Park. Arts, history, entertainment are yours to discover in New Hampshire.

New Jersey
         New Jersey Facts and Figures
Capital:   Trenton
Total area:   135,765 sq km
Population:   8,698,879 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Eastern Goldfinch
State flower:   Purple Violet
State tree:   Red Oak
From a whale watching tour in Cape May, to the lights and sounds of casino's in Atlantic City, New Jersey has a vast array of attractions and activities.
Take a walk on the battleship New Jersey, the most decorated of all battleships in U.S.Navy history, which now lays berthed as a floating museum on Camden Water front Stop into the Cowtown Rodeo, the oldest rodeo on the East Coast, in Pilesgrove.
Take a ride on the Crystal Queen, open all year around this is a double-deck paddle wheel cruise, which travels the Little Egg Harbor Bay. Marine life is bountiful, which will make the already scenic trip more enjoyable.
History reveals itself on a historical trolley tour on Long Beach Island. Strange and unusual things collected on Robert Ripley's many travels are displayed at the Ripley's Believe it of Not Museum in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
There are plenty of lighthouses to visit, lot's of amusement parks and a walk down the one and only Seaside Park Boardwalk.


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