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The States of USA and History M (6 States)
« on: October 08, 2019, 07:01:01 PM »
         Maine Facts and Figures
Capital:   Augusta
Total area:   91,647 sq km
Population:   1,317,253 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Chickadee
State flower:   White Pine Cone and Tassel
State tree:   White Pine
Whether you're looking for winter sports fun or an ocean front boardwalk, Maine is the place to visit or live.
Take a tour of one of the 60 lighthouse in Maine, by boat, bicycle, train or trolley.
If winter activities suit you're personality, snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling, or horse drawn carriage, take a trip and discover the beauty of Maine.
Foliage in the fall doesn't get more beautiful than in Maine.
If marine life is something you've been wanting to discover or re discover, take a trip out to sea on one of the many whale watching excursions.

         Maryland Facts and Figures
Capital:   Annapolis
Total area:   32,134 sq km
Population:   5,558,058 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Baltimore Oriole
State flower:   Black-Eyed Susan
State tree:   White Oak
Many of the greats from the history of America have traveled the roads through Maryland.
From George Washington to Harriet Tubman, to the brave men and woman who fought in the civil war. There are many trails and byways covered with history of the United States.
Take a trip up the Chesapeake to discover the source of it's charms. Travel from the ocean to the bay, filled with memorable moments, seeing the countryside and the small town charms on the way.
Take a chartered fishing boat or a cruise, stop into a theater and have some dinner while being entertained. Activities in Maryland can range from skiing to spending the day at the 6 flags amusement park.
Camping, fishing, hiking, golfing, sailing, choose whichever you prefer while enjoying the atmosphere of one of the oldest states within America.

         Massachusetts Facts and Figures
Capital:   Boston
Total area:   27,337 sq km
Population:   6,416,505 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Chickadee
State flower:   Mayflower
State tree:   American Elm
Although we can never truly understand what the pilgrims thought when they stepped off from the boats in Plymouth Massachusetts the day they arrived, we can gaze at the land and imagine, after months of traveling on that long ocean voyage, seeing the sight of land and tree's.
How scary it must have been to have meet the first native american, coming out of the woods to stare at the strange people climbing over the sides of their ship. How they must have rejoiced that first Thanksgiving when it seemed they could survive in this wilderness they now called home.
Massachusetts, rich in American history, has much to offer in tourism.
Take a walk down the boardwalk on Natasket beach, watching the red, warm sun as it rises over the cold, Atlantic ocean.
Watching the skyline of Boston as the sun rises higher into the sky. Take a walk down the freedom trail in Boston, listen for the sound of Paul Revere as he called out "The English are coming".
Look into Boston Harbor, where in defiance, America fought for it's freedom, by dumping the tea. Stop into Salem and see the history of the witch craft burnings.
Whether you enjoy indoor activities or outdoor activities, Massachusetts has much to offer.

         Michigan Facts and Figures
Capital:   Lansing
Total area:   250,493 sq km
Population:   10,112,620 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Robin
State flower:   Apple Blossom
State tree:   White Pine
Hunting, fishing, boating, kayaking, snowmobiling, skiing are just some of the activities you can enjoy in Michigan.
With its wealth of natural waterways, it is a water paradise. Wide open areas of raw beauty are visible on a drive from the lower to the upper peninsula.
Walk along the shores of Lake Michigan in Ludington, see the old seaport town charm on the way. Follow the trail of the Edmund Fitzgerald across Lake Superior, where many such ships have met the same fate.
Spend some time in Mackinac Island, see life from the simpler days while riding a bicycle or just walking around. Mackinac also boosts some of the best fudge in the world.
Take a dinner cruise around the Soo Locks, or a dinner ride on a train throughout Michigan to see the natural beauty.
Whether you prefer to spend your day on a golf course or in a casino, you'll find more than enough to fill your calendar in Michigan.

         Minnesota Facts and Figures
Capital:   St. Paul
Total area:   225,171 sq km
Population:   5,100,958 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Common Loon
State flower:   Showy Lady's Slipper
State tree:   Red Pine
Minnesota, the state of 1000 lakes is fun for the whole family.
A weekend camping in the rustic state parks, fishing, swimming, or just sitting by a quiet, cozy, campfire.
Whether you wish to take a guided tour of like to wander off alone, Minnesota's wild land will keep you occupied with beautiful scenery.
Travel by foot, horseback, sleigh ride, of if you prefer, take a kayak, a paddleboat, train or bicycle.
Winter months are filled with skiing, sledding, snowmobiling, ice fishing, or just curled up to a nice warm fire as the snow swirls around outside.
Spend some time in the Wabasha street caves where the gangsters hung out, or in Forestville at the Mystery cave.

         Mississippi Facts and Figures
Capital:   Jackson
Total area:   125,433 sq km
Population:   2,902,966 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Mockingbird
State flower:   Magnolia
State tree:   Magnolia
Mississippi is known as the birthplace of American Music and is full of American history and has a new activity to do at each turn - hunting, shopping, tours, learning and just relaxing.
Down in Mississippi, you'll be able to visit a variety of places - many that have historical significance, such as the Freedom Summer Trail which played a part in the 1960's Civil Rights Movement.
If that doesn't suit you, there's always plenty of Civil War attractions to visit - museums, libraries, cemeteries and even battlefields!
If you have kids, there's plenty to keep them busy. Mississippi is home to the largest indoor playground on the coast - the Fun Factory Family Fun Center.
Mississippi also has mini golf centers, doll exhibits, aquariums, riverboat tours, speedways, scavenger hunts and so much more!
Go sailing or fishing, eat seafood, take a tour of the bayous, visit gardens - even go on a shrimping trip! The activities in Mississippi are limitless!


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