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The States of USA and History I-L (6 States)
« on: October 08, 2019, 06:46:38 PM »
         Illinois Facts and Figures
Capital:   Springfield
Total area:   149,997 sq km
Population:   12,713,634 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Cardinal
State flower:   Native Violet
State tree:   White Oak
Illinois was the 21st state to be admitted into statehood 12/3/1818.
Illinois located in the heart of America, continues to supplement the country with the vastness of farmlands, which their long rolling fields of corn, wheat and soybeans.
Take a stroll through the home of Ronald Regan's childhood, or walk the path of Abraham Lincoln. Spend time at one of the many theater's around and in Chicago, or stand in awe as you gaze up at the Sear's Center.
When take a walk down North Michigan Avenue and don't forget your wallet, this vast stretch of shopping galleries is sure to find the ends of your budget.
Stop by Millennium Park for an outdoor concert, with 25 acres of park filled with sculptures, when you get tired of walking, you're sure to find an empty spot to sit back and relax while feeling the cool breeze from Lake Michigan.
View all of Chicago on top of the Sear's building from the 94th floor Hancock observatory. Step up onto the Skywalk and take a tour at 1,000 feet, you may need to grab hold of a friend!
Whatever you enjoy Illinois has to offer, camping, fishing, shopping or just hanging out.

         Indiana Facts and Figures
Capital:   Indianapolis
Total area:   94,322 sq km
Population:   6,237,569 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Cardinal
State flower:   Peony
State tree:   Tulip Poplar
Whether looking for a fast paced day at the races or in a casino to taking a leisurely boating trip down the Ohio River.
Indiana has a host of activities for the outdoor enthusiast. Fishing, camping, hiking, biking, hunting abound in the vast stretches of open ground.
Get a taste of the Amish life on an Amish Get Away. Learn the quiet peaceful life far away from the concerns of the rat race.
Take a tour of the Grissom Air Museum, see the progression of the United States Air force from WWII to the Gulf War.
See the home of the writer Ernie Pyle, his writings taking you back to a time when life was uncertain during the WWII days.
Splash around in Lake Michigan or stroll through the sand dunes during the summer months or enjoy the countryside during the winter months in it's winter wonderland of splendor.

         Iowa Facts and Figures
Capital:   Des Moines
Total area:   145,744 sq km
Population:   2,954,451 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Eastern Goldfinch
State flower:   Wild Rose
State tree:   Oak
Iowa has an array of things to see and experience that will fascinate you.
There are historic settlements along the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, culturally rich towns, and bustling cities with modern attractions and amenities.
You could visit museums and galleries, take in an opera or theatrical performance, or even cheer for your favorite team at a major sporting event.
In the Northwestern part of the state Iowa can offer the Alberta City Historical Museum, Camp Algona POW Museum, The Armstrong heritage museum, The Iowa Rock Ďní roll museum, and much more.
In the west central area of Iowa you could see bull run speedway, Nathaniel Hamlin Park and Museum, Avoca Family Aquatic Center, Slayton Rock, or Ameristar Casino Hotel.
Southwest Iowa offers a variety of museums, as well as Adams County Speedway, Glenn Millerís birthplace home, and Union County visitorís center.
In central Iowa you could take in one of many museums, heritage centers, or art centers.
You might also want to try your hand at the Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino, or catch a game at Iowa State University. Eastern Iowa features Bloomsbury Farm, Oster Regent Theater, Little Red School house, and many museums.
And for all you sports fans the Burlington Bees Professional Baseball is located in south east Iowa. No matter what youíre interested in Iowa is defiantly a great place to experience it all.

         Kansas Facts and Figures
Capital:   Topeka
Total area:   213,096 sq km
Population:   2,735,502 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Western Meadowlark
State flower:   Sunflower Helianthus Annuus
State tree:   Cottonwood
When you're looking to discover facts about dinosaur's or moon rocks, there's no better place to start looking than Kansas.
Follow the blazed trails the pioneer's traveled across the open prairie, watch the bison graze on the way. So many pioneer's traveled this way you can still see the grooves left from their wagon wheels.
Explore the great outdoors in the arc of the western frontier.
Spend some time on a ranch and learn how it was in the days when cowboys spent endless days driving the herds of cattle to brand them with the smoldering end of a trademark for all to bear witness.
If you'd rather take a look at the future, spend the day at the Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center, in Hutchinson, on what's known as the Adult Astronaut Adventure Discover what the astronaut's know in an flight simulator as you direct a lunar rover mission.
Or just kick back in one of the many bed and breakfast center retreats. Spend a day on a pontoon boat on a trip down the Delaware river.
Discover the raw nature of Kansas on a walking trail, or by buggy or take a hay ride, whatever your pleasure is, you're sure to find plenty to do.

         Kentucky Facts and Figures
Capital:   Frankfort
Total area:   104,659 sq km
Population:   4,145,922 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Cardinal
State flower:   Goldenrod
State tree:   Kentucky Coffee Tree
Whether you go to Kentucky to watch the Kentucky Derby or just take a glance at the infamous Churchill Downs, or to talk a walk where the Battle of the Bridge, one of the well known battle grounds from the Civil War, Kentucky is rich in American History.
President Lincoln knew this from the time he was a small boy, running through the rolling bluegrass or over the hills, through the hollows. Fishing at the creek or in one of the big lakes. Little did he know as that small boy, the role life was to give him, in the history of the United States.
Bill Monroe, known as the Father of Bluegrass was also born in Kentucky. Maybe he sat at his fathers chair as a boy, learning the history of music, on the front porch.
Travel to the Eastern Highlands North to Butcher Hollow and see the childhood home of Loretta Lynn and Crystal Gayle. People struggling to make a living that were able to overcome the hard life to learn and enjoy something as pleasing as music.
On Friday or Saturday night take a horse-drawn carriage tour in downtown Paducah. Take a look around one of the old southern Mansions, where maybe even you can be the bell of the ball, or the cavalier gentleman, seeking out his fame and fortune.

         Louisiana Facts and Figures
Capital:   Baton Rouge
Total area:   134,265 sq km
Population:   4,515,770 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Eastern Brown Pelican
State flower:   Magolia
State tree:   Cypress
When you go to Louisiana, take a trip through cajun country. This stretch of land from across the Gulf of Mexico, to the south central portion of the state, is where soup was made into gumbo, musical instruments consisted of washboards, the swamps and bayous with moss covered cypress tree's turn this into a mystical paradise to explore.
With many long lasting influences from the French, Spanish and African ancestor's, Louisiana is a model of culture diversity. Louisiana's wrought iron balconies have made their own mark in architecture history.
Plantation homes, along the mighty Mississippi, to the raised cottage's, still being rebuilt today in cajun country, are some of the diverse styles of housing you'll see in this great state.
Take a trip on a paddlewheel steamboat in the lazy days of the Mississippi, or spend some time shopping in New Orleans, where there is a wealth of American history being sold.
Watch the street performers as you leisurely make your way up the street on your quest to recover the glory days of the south. Travel across Lake Ponchatrain and look at the Causeway Bridge, which at 24 miles, is the longest expansion bridge in the world.
Stop and pickup some home-grown strawberries to enjoy after you're incredible seafood dinner, and night on the town on Mardi Gras day.


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