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The States of USA and History C-I (6 States)
« on: October 08, 2019, 06:14:18 PM »
         Connecticut Facts and Figures
Capital:   Hartland
Total area:   14,356 sq km
Population:   3,503,604 (2004 est)
State Bird:   American Robin
State flower:   Mountain Laurel
State tree:   White Oak
Connecticut was the 38th state to be admitted into statehood 1/9/1788.
One of the 13 first colonies, Connecticut holds much history into the development and growth of the United States.
Nicknamed The Constitution State, there has been much controversy over whether or not the fundamental orders are a part of the state's history.
Connecticut's seasonal climate allows for a variety of farming agriculture's in nursery stock, dairy products and cattle. With industries in fabricated metals products to transportation.
Taking a trip off the main roads when traveling through Connecticut to be seen in all the splendor it was intended to be seen for.

         Delaware Facts and Figures
Capital:   Dover
Total area:   6,446 sq km
Population:   830,364 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Blue Hen Chicken
State flower:   Peach Blossom
State tree:   American Holly
Delaware was the 1st state to be admitted into statehood 12/7/1787.
Delaware being the first state to ratify the constitution of what was to become the United States, has a rich value in the history of the country's development.
With it's seasonal climate producing agricultures of poultry, seafood, soy beans, dairy products and corn. Delaware also plays a role in industry's such as chemical products, food processing and plastics.
Although one of the smallest states in the union at only 6446sqK. Delaware makes up for it with it's 28 miles of coastline.
If you get tired of walking along the beach's there are a variety of mansions and gardens to explore, or stop into a theater to see the latest productions.
If you enjoy golfing, it's worth your time to talk a walk around one of the golf courses in Delaware. Or take a boat ride, visit the antique malls filled with American history.

         Florida Facts and Figures
Capital:   Tallahassee
Total area:   170,305 sq km
Population:   17,397,161 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Mocking Bird
State flower:   Orange Blossom
State tree:   Sabal Palmetto Palm 
Florida was the 27th state to be admitted into statehood 3/3/1845.
With it's warm, pleasant climate it's no wonder Florida adopted the nickname "The Sunshine State".
Well known for it's agriculture's in vegetable's, sugarcane and fruits, Florida also has industry's in food processing, transportation equipment and tourism.
From a day lounging in the warm sun on a beach on the coastline to taking a stroll down Main Street at Walt Disney World Florida has a vast amount to offer to residents and tourist alike. Or stop into Sea World to watch some of the sea life.
From it's coastline to it's swamps of the panhandle, Florida has a wealth of natural wildlife from snakes to alligators.
Take a stroll through the many botanical gardens or spend a day golfing on a PGA course, regardless of what you enjoy doing with your time, Florida has what it takes to meet your vacationing needs.

         Georgia Facts and Figures
Capital:   Atlanta
Total area:   153,910 sq km
Population:   8,829,383 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Brown Thrasher
State flower:   Cherokee Rose
State tree:   Live Oak
Georgia was the 4th State to be admitted into Statehood 2/2/1788.
With it's warm climate and high production of fruit it's no wonder Georgia adopted the nickname "The Peach State".
Georgia has other agricultures such as vegetables, dairy products and peanuts. Georgia has such industries such as textiles, clothing, food processing chemical products.
More recently Atlanta has been a subject of discussion in the United State's with the large amount of damage done by hurricane Katrina.
This isn't the first time that Atlanta has preserved from disaster. The rebuilt the then town after it was burned to the ground by General Sherman during the civil war. This spirit among it's population will take Atlanta and Georgia into the future.
From hiking the Appalachian Trail, or taking a walk through one of many plantations, to it's coastline, Georgia is a host to various numbers of wildlife and gardens.

         Hawaii Facts and Figures
Capital:   Honolulu
Total area:   28,311 sq km
Population:   1,262,840 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Hawaiian goose
State flower:   Hibiscus
State tree:   Candlenut
Hawaii was the 50th State to be admitted into Statehood 8/21/1959.
Although the last state to be admitted it offers a wealth of beauty to add to a Nation full of natural beauty.
Hawaii's landmass is always growing and changing thanks to it's raw nature and active volcano's.
Hawaii has agriculture's in sugarcane, pineapple's and macadamia nuts and industry's in tourism, glass, clay and fabricated metal products.
Nicknamed the Aloha State, Hawaii opens it's arms to the many travelers that reach it's shores.
Take a walk along the coast with soft ocean breezes blowing in your face. Or spend some time out on the ocean seeing what nature has to offer.
Enjoy the fine hospitality at a luau or walk one of the many trails around on of the islands, each with it's own wealth of native life.

         Idaho Facts and Figures
Capital:   Boise
Total area:   216,445 sq km
Population:   1,393,262 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Mountain BlueBird
State flower:   Syringa
State tree:   White Pine
Idaho was the 43rd state to be admitted into statehood 7/3/1890.
Idaho's climate affords agriculture's in wheat, barley, potatoes, and sugar beets as well as industries in mining, chemical products, lumber and wood products.
With Idaho's history in mining this state adopted the nickname "The Gem" state.
Take a stroll down main street in historical Idaho City, stopping by the oldest store in Idaho's history the Boise Basin Mercantile.
From spending a day in the hot springs to white water rafting in the deep canyons, forged by ancient waters to walking through old lava fields littered with delicate flowers, Idaho offers the outdoor enthusiast with boundless activities.
In the winter, enjoy the calm atmosphere of skiing down safe and well maintained pathways or see the country in some back country skiing.
Take a boating trip, balloon trip, ride on a dog sled or a wagon trip through the many trails filled with beautiful scenery and history.


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