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The States of USA and History A-C (6 States)
« on: October 08, 2019, 06:09:26 PM »
         Alabama Chat Facts
Capital:   Montgomery
Total area:   135,765 sq km
Population:   4,530,182 (2004 est.)
State Bird:   Yellow hammer
State flower:   Camellia
State tree:   Long leaf Southern Pine
Alabama was the 22nd state admitted into Statehood on 12/14/1819. Originally, the Goldenrod was Alabama's state flower but in 1959, the Camellia was designated to be the state's flower.
Nicknamed the "Yellow Hammer State" it is also known as "The Heart of Dixie" or "Alabama The Beautiful".
Alabama with mild but active climate is known for agricultures such as cotton, vegetables, and soybeans. The state also takes part in industries such as paper, lumber, and mining.
Enjoy The Alabama Space and Rocket Center, located in Huntsville.
Take a hike in the expansive and majestic mountain ranges with its panoramic views, go fishing in the Tennessee River which boasts some of the biggest fresh water fish in the country, or even go spelunking in one of the many world renowned caves.

         Alaska Facts and Figures
Capital:   Juneau
Total area:   1,717,854 sq km
Population:   655,435 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Willow Ptarmigan
State flower:   Forget-Me-No
State tree:   Sitka Spruce
Alaska was the 49td state admitted into Statehood on 01/03/1959.
Nicknamed "The Last Frontier" Alaska is well known for it's vast and open wilderness.
With it's cold climate and geography ranging from beautiful ocean views to the peaks of snow covered mountains.
Alaska's agriculture includes: Seafood, livestock, nursery stock but is more well known for it's industry's in mining mainly gold. Alaska is also a source of petroleum, natural gases, lumber and wood products.
A wide variety of wildlife makes Alaska a prime vacation spot for many sportsmen. Which it's numerous sight seeing attractions Alaska is also well known as a tourist state.

         Arizona Facts and Figures
Capital:   Phoenix
Total area:   295,253 sq km
Population:   5,743,834 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Cactus Wren
State flower:   Saguaro Cactus Blossom
State tree:   Palo verde
Nicknamed "The Grand Canyon State" (one of the 7 wonders of the world)
Arizona offers agricultures such as nursery stock, hay and lettuce. As well as an industry in copper and other mining.
From the top of the Grand Canyon to the trails of the Apache Trail, Arizona has many beautiful, historic area's to travel. Arizona very dry, warm climate has made it very ideal for tourism.
Or take a break to explore the Lost Dutchman's Mine, where it's said an old miner by the name of Jacob Waltz was said to have found a fortune in gold but once he entered the mine, he was lost, never to be found again (Neither was his fortune).   

         Arkansas Facts and Figures
Capital:   Little Rock
Total area:   137,733 sq km
Population:   2,752,629 (2004 EST)
State Bird:   Mockingbird
State flower:   Apple Blossom
State tree:   Pine
Arkansas was the 25nd state admitted into Statehood on 6/15/1836.
Nicknamed as the "The Natural State " Arkansas for it's clear streams, clear lakes and natural wildlife.
With Arkansas' mild climate agriculture's in cotton and soybeans thrive as well as industry's in various metals to include bromine and vanadium.
From the Eastern delta to the northern plateau's of the Ozarks, Arkansas remains with it's initial natural beauty. With it's many small towns and vibrant cities, Arkansas offers a variety of fine dining, horseback riding, whitewater rafting and cave spelunking.

         California Facts and Figures
Capital:   Sacramento
Total area:   423,971 sq km
Population:   35,893,799 (2004 (est)
State Bird:   California Valley Quail
State flower:   Golden Poppy
State tree:   California Red Wood
Nicknamed "The Golden State" California has a mild and dry climate that allows for agriculture's of chardonnays, artichokes and pistachios.
California producing more than 50% of the Nation's fruits, vegetable's and nuts.
California is well known for it's industry's in Movie production and technology, as well as aerospace technology and medical advancements.
From the rugged mountains in the north to the seascape views along the coast California is well known for tourism. From Mountain skiing to sailing, California offers a wide spectrum of activities to it's residents and to those that wish to make the journey west.

         Colorado Facts and Figures
Capital:   Denver
Total area:   269,602 sq km
Population:   4,601,403 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Lark Bunting
State flower:   Rocky Mountain Columbine
State tree:   Colorado Blue Spruce
Colorado was the 38th state to be admitted into statehood on 1/1/1876.
From the snow covered peeks of the Rockie mountain range to the valley's of Denver. Colorado is a state with much to offer it's residents in outdoor activities. Fishing, skiing, mountain climbing can be enjoyed year around.
With it's cold climate in the winter and gentle breezes in the summer Colorado's agriculture's of farming, cattle, sheep and sugar beets thrive.
Colorado's industries range from the mining of gold to uranium and to coal. If you long for beautiful views while enjoying outdoor sports, Colorado might just be the place for you to take a vacation or to reside in.


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