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Christian Topics / The Ten Commandments of Online Witnessing
« Last post by Lynette on November 03, 2019, 07:32:41 PM »
The Ten Commandments of Online Witnessing
Commandment #1
Thou Shalt be Humble.
Upon this one commandment do most (if not all) the other commandments hang. Humility is the key to reaching out to others. If arrogance fuels your witnessing, people take note and very rarely desire to listen to more than two sentences from you. If you are struggling in this area, pray for help. God will listen.

Proverbs 29:23- A man's pride shall bring him low: but honour shall uphold the humble in spirit.
Commandment #2
Thou Shalt Not Pick Fights.
Thou shalt not fight with thy neighbor, nor thy neighbor's friends, nor thy website admins. This one should go without saying, but how often do we find Christians actually trading verbal blows with unbelievers and believers alike! What unChrist-like behavior to exhibit. If you feel the onset of AIMrage, step back and cool it. Go take a shower or have a run though the park. If it feels like people are being more unruly than normal, give the internet a rest for a day and come back to it. Doing nothing at all is better than ruining your Christian testimony online.

Proverbs 15:1- A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.
Commandment #3
Thou Shalt Listen.
Don't cometh crying to me when people don't want to hear you because you won't heareth them!! You want to make an impact right? Well so does everyone else online (well okay, maybe not everybody). But eveyone at least wants to be heard or they wouldn't be online in the first place. Give them that respect and open your ears and mind to what they say. Many people are driven to the online world because of stress, depression and lonliness. Reach out to them and hear their cries of desperation. When you hear them out they will return the favor in kind.

Proverbs 1:5- A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels.
Commandment #4
Thou Shalt Use Thy Bible Search Engine With Great Ferver and Dilligence!
How canst thou take on the forces of the Evil One without thy sword? The answer is YOU CAN'T!! The internet has one huge advantage that witnessing in real life will never even come close to comparing to- Bible search websites. Twenty years ago if you were witnessing to a person and they produced a difficult question you had no answer to it might take a week or longer before you could get back to them. Not anymore. Drop the question into Google and have your answer. Type some text into a Bible search engine (like and have a verse in 5 seconds. What an amazing tool! Don't waste it!

Hebrews 4:12- For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.
Commandment #5
Thou Shalt Avoid Chatroom Arguments
What? Know ye not that nothing is resolved by arguing in chat rooms? Think back for a moment. Was there ever a time you were in a chat room and were just hit with an amazing spiritual epiphany? No? Me neither. Why's that? Because there are 20 other people in there talking which distracts you and whoever you're talking to from getting the message. Chat rooms should primarily be used for one purpose in regards to witnessing- meeting people to talk to one on one. Which is the more ideal witnessing situation- on a loud, profane, crowded bus, or in the quiet of someone's living room? The same principle applies here. Leave the witnessing for instant message and watch your results change drastically.

Acts 8:31- And he said, How can I, except some man should guide me? And he desired Philip that he would come up and sit with him.
Commandment #6
Thou Shalt Begin With the Gospel Always
Remember that it is not by thy strength thou doest what thou doest. The Holy Spirit is the person that does the work of bringing people to an understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He's going to have a time of it if you're always butting in with different doctrines/beliefs/religious discussions. From the outset, your best bet is to present the word of God and see how it registers with the person. The Bible is the most powerful tool to use with unbelievers because it can say so much more than you or I can. It is the water of life, and people are thirsting. Keep the Romans Road and other great verses handy at all times (even memorize them if you can).

1 Corinthians 1:17- For Christ sent me not to baptize, but to preach the gospel: not with wisdom of words, lest the cross of Christ should be made of none effect.
Commandment #7
Thou Shalt Not Ignore Questions
Wouldst thou like to be brushed off? In Commandment #6 we realized that our first approach should be the gospel, but what if people have reservations due to skepticism in matters of the Bible, theism or any other aspect of Christianity? Answer their question if you are able. That is what Pre-Evangelism is all about: breaking down all the barriers that prevent the person from accepting Christ. Start out with the gospel, but if a person wants to challenge all that the gospel is based on, don't ignore this challenge. Study up now before you meet it and when it comes have an answer to every person of the hope that you have in Jesus Christ.

1 Peter 3:15- But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.
Commandment #8
Thou Shalt Be Reasonable!
The worst thing thou canst possibly do in a conversation is reducing yourself to being beyond reason. Many skeptics will only listen to you if you sound like a reasonable person. Realize this and think about it while you talk. Don't waver from the truths of the scriptures, but also don't dismiss everything an unbeliever says just because they are an unbeliever. Skeptics are fully capable of rational thought and treating them any less than rational normal people will only result in a bitter end to what could have been a useful conversation.

Isaiah 1:18- Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.
Commandment #9
Thou Shalt Not Waste Time
Art thou called to preach Christ unto all people? Then why are you spending all of your time browsing entertainment and shopping sites? Sure, those things are fun, but are you really willing to be used of God to reach people? If you can't pull yourself away from mindless activities like games and quizzes, why even bother witnessing at all? You are there. Unbelievers are there. Do what you know you should be doing!

Revelation 3:15,16- I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So because thou art lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spew thee out of my mouth.
Commandment #10
Thou Shalt Be Kind at ALL Times
Is not a believer in Christ a new creature? Sometimes we forget who we represent and what God has done for us. We get distracted and taken in by the cares of the world. We begin to get afflicted by the same things that rob unbelievers of their joy such as depression and anger. When our minds are set on the cross and what Christ has done for us, our hearts are able to reflect that love onto other people. Kindness is simply a demonstration of love and can go a million miles towards showing an unbeliever you really care. Don't hesitate to love people. Don't hesitate to be there for them. Put your differences aside when they grieve. Never beat them over the head with the message you bring. Ultimately when you present the truth in love, they will listen, and many times you will see the fruition of your labors for Christ.

Psalms 126:6- He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.

From the former website of and by Daniel Allen
And Posted At Worthy With His Permission
Advertisements / 8 Best ways to Boost your Child's IQ
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Fine knowledge, Thanks a lot.
General Health and Wellness / MOVED: Jumping the Blues
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         Texas Facts and Figures
Capital:   Austin
Total area:   695,622 sq km
Population:   22,490,022 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Mockingbird
State flower:   Blue Bonnet
State tree:   Pecan Tree
Texas brings to mind days of cowboys crossing large plains and fields, driving their herds of cattle on ranges the sizes of some small countries.
Texas also brings to mind The Alamo and the tragic end to many lives that brought about the beginning of Texas as a part of the United States, a battle that was multicultural on behalf of the United States but when people of Native Americans, Native Mexicans banded together to fight for a way of life that was more important to them then their own lives.
Water sports both on the Ocean and inland on lakes and rivers are abundant. Float down the Rio Grande or spend a day in the Monahans Sandhills where there are 4,000 acre's of wind-sculptured sand dunes which resemble the Sahara Desert.
In Hueco is a 860 acre park that is a rock-climbers paradise.
Just outside of El Paso is the Texas Mountain trail that is filled with Mexican, American and Native American history.
So if you're looking to discover the wild wild west from water rides, to horseback riding Texas can offer you a wild ride through the diverse Texan heritage.

         Utah Facts and Figures
Capital:   Salt Lake City
Total area:   219,887 sq km
Population:   2,389,039 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Seagull
State flower:   Dego Lily
State tree:   Blue Spruce
Utah's diverse geography offers a host of activities.
Taking a Moab Jeep Safari or whitewater rafting in the Cataract Canyon, of the Colorado River or some hiking to Delicate Arch fill days with exploration and fun.
By horseback or hiking, taking a trip through Bryce or Red Canyon with red rock to green forest, is one of the most scenic trips in America.
History of the old West in Capitol Reef centers around the Freemont Indian's, with unique plant life and geology. See the remains of a deserted pioneer town, well off from the beaten path.
Nine Mile Canyon is the host of Native American petroglyphs.
Also hosting Indian writings. Lake Powell at 186 mile's is excellent for activities such as boating, kayaking or cliff jumping. Monument Valley has been the scenery of many Western movies.
With unique sandstone formations, it is also home to the Navajo Indians. Ogden, Utah is where the transcontinental railroads of the Central Pacific and Union Pacific met.
Ogden is also host to Olympic skiing at resorts such as Snowbasin and at Powder Mountain. With warm weather year around, St. George is host to many golf courses, tennis resorts and the Virgin River Walkway.
Sundance Village is the site of Robert Redford's annual Sundance film festival, also home to many adventures in the lives of such people as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
Dinosaur's wandered the earth millions of years ago and left behind their legacy in the form of fossils, in the Uinta Mountains, Dinosaur National Monument hosts a large collection of these fossils.
Listed above are just a few of the spectacular area's that are open to be explored, where history and beauty walk side by side.

         Vermont Facts and Figures
Capital:   Montpelier
Total area:   24,900 sq km
Population:   621,394 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Hermit Thrush
State flower:   Red Clover
State tree:   Sugar Maple
To think of Vermont is to think of beauty and serenity.
Such events as the Constitution to outlaw slavery were began in Vermont. Some of the original postage stamps were made in Brattleboro.
Some of the best mountain bike trails in the world are known as the Kingdom Trails. Also to be seen with cross-country skiing, and snowshoes.
Farm life is very romanticized, there are many opportunities to see the hard work of farm life on a farm in Vermont. From milking the dairy cattle to picking orchard fruits, learn how difficult making a living was for the original settlers of the area.
Bromley Mountain offers plenty of opportunities for exploration in all of the 4 seasons. From hiking to snowboarding. Take a guided snowmobile tour through the Green Mountain National Forest.
From air sports such as gliding, hang gliding, para sailing to resort camps and National Forests to water activities such as Scuba diving, Whitewater Rafting, fishing, marina, sailing and winter sports such as cross country skiing, snowboarding.
Vermont is also home to some of the most beautiful foliage sightseeing in the country. Known as one of the New England States, Vermont has an abundance of activities to fill your days while experiencing the history of the United States.

         Virginia Facts and Figures
Capital:   Richmond
Total area:   110,784 sq km
Population:   7,459,827 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Cardinal
State flower:   Dogwood
State tree:   Dogwood
Virginia is home to some of the oldest history in the United States.
In Richmond visit the "Arming the Confederacy" display which offers some 150+ Confederate made weapons, used during the Civil War. Also see the mural's painted by Charles Hoffbauer of the Civil War.
Jamestown was the site of the first permanent colony. Still remaining are some remnants of those initial buildings.
Driving around the area, herds of deer live in the forests around the pitch and tar swamp.
The Western portion of Virginia is filled by the Appalachian Blue Ridge mountain ranges with a wide variety of activities.
To the east is the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay. In between beautiful green rolling hills.
So if you want to travel to the sea's or climb the mountains to the west, Virginia offers activities from swimming, caving, rock climbing, fishing, golfing, to hiking.

         Washington Facts and Figures
Capital:   Olympia
Total area:   184,666 sq km
Population:   5,894,121 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Willow Goldfinch
State flower:   Western Rhododendron
State tree:   Western Hemlock
Washington State is home to both natural and manmade wonders - from volcanoes to the Space Needle, you can see it all in Washington.
Visit Olympic National Forest - or maybe the Hoh/Quinault Rain Forests. Tide pools, ancient forests, glaciers and even one of the world's only coniferous rain forests! If you enjoy nature, this is definitely a must-see!
Washington houses the infamous Mount St Helens which blew her lid (literally) in May of 1980 - ash fell as far as 300 miles away and even 25 years later, the healing process is just beginning for nature.
There are a number of visitor centers along State Route 504, which is just a few miles from the crater - the experience is both educational and awe-inspiring.
You can also visit the symbol that represents Seattle - the Space Needle. Designed by Edward E. Carlson on a placement in a coffeehouse in 1962, this amazing structure has an observation deck and revolving restaurant which allows you to gaze at the city from an amazing height of more than 500 feet.
More natural beauty can be found just 15 miles east of Bellevue - Snoqualmie Falls. These amazing falls have a 268 foot downfall of water - almost 100 feet higher than Niagara falls!
There are many, many more things to see and do while in Washington - mentioned here was but a small handful of some of the amazing things to entertain and enthrall you while in Washington!

West Virginia
         West Virginia Facts and Figures
Capital:   Charleston
Total area:   62,755 sq km
Population:   1,815,354 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Cardinal
State flower:   Big Laurel
State tree:   Sugar Maple
West Virginia offers a number of outdoor activities - bicycling, gold, winter sports, whitewater rafting, hunting, racing and even rock climbing.
Points of interest in West Virginia include the Appalachians, Civil War battlefields, any number of state parks (in fact, some say West Virginia is a state park, since 80% of it is still forested), more than 500 glass making factories and even 1/3 of the B&O Railroad line.
If you're just planning a trip to West Virginia to shop and relax, this state can offer you even that! Anything from antiques to Appalachian crafts to modern malls, everything can be found here!
All in all, if you want to just relax and get away from the world, West Virginia is the place to go!

         Wisconsin Facts and Figures
Capital:   Madison
Total area:   169,639 sq km
Population:   5,509,026 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Robin
State flower:   Wood Violet
State tree:   Sugar Maple
When you think of Wisconsin, the first thing that probably comes to mind is cheese - and what a variety you will find! You can even tour cheese factories and take some cheese home as a souvenir.
If you're an outdoors type of person, you ought to visit Wisconsin in the winter. You can enjoy such activities as hunting, skiing, snowmobiling, and ice fishing!
If those don't appeal to you, there are other attractions such as the Wisconsin Dells which is home to the nation's largest indoor water parks. The Dells has roller coasters, hotels, river tours and antique shops - fun for the whole family!
Enjoy history? Visit Ripon, the birthplace of the Republican Party.
If you have a sweet tooth, Ripon is also the ideal place to stop by - it is home to the Ripping Good Cookie factory.
Enjoy football? Visit Green Bay, the home of the first Super Bowl winners! This is a city full of history, including the Packers Hall of Fame and the newly remodeled Lambeau Field, named after the Packers' founder, Curly Lambeau.
For the kids, visit Baraboo where you can see circus performances and visit the original site of the Ringling Brothers Circus.
Alternatively, you can visit Appleton - the birthplace of famous magician Harry Houdini; stop by the exhibit made just for him: AKA Houdini.
So whether you enjoy history, the outdoors or just need a place to get away, Wisconsin is the place to come.

         Wyoming Facts and Figures
Capital:   Cheyenne
Total area:   253,337 sq km
Population:   506,529 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Meadowlark
State flower:   Indian Paint Brush
State tree:   Cottonwood
If you really love the outdoors, Wyoming is by far the number one vacation destination.
You can do everything from hiking to photographing wildlife to snow boarding and even kayaking. If you're a thrill seeker, you can go rock climbing;
if you're a laid back person, go golfing or bird watching; if you enjoy natural beauty, try stargazing in the Red Desert or visiting one of the numerous state or national parks.
Wyoming is bursting with all of the natural wonders it holds - breathtaking mountains - Rocky Mountain ranges (Big Horn, Absaroka, Teton and Laramie); America's first national monument, Devils Tower; Yellowstone National Park, with it's star, Old Faithful;
...the North Platte River; Laramie Peak, the highest point in the Laramie Mountains; the Killpecker Sand Dunes, which includes an off-road area for "playing;" the 52-mile "driveway" to Yellowstone National Park - said to be one of the most scenic byways by Teddy Roosevelt.
There's plenty of lakes and rivers for those that simply cannot leave their paddles at home. For the camper in you, Wyoming has a large selection of campgrounds - Sinks Canyon State Park and Riverside Campground are just two of the family favorites.
Jackson Hole and Grand Targhee, located on either side of the Teton Range, are two of America's best known ski resorts. The options are limitless!
If you're planning to bring your kids along to Wyoming, there are a variety of activities the kids - and you - can participate in.
Wyoming is home to bountiful forests where you can go camping, horses - both wild and ones meant for riding, and.. dinosaurs?
Yes, dinosaurs! Kids and their families can go digging for dinosaur remains and fossils. No matter what kind of person you are, or what you enjoy, you will certainly find something to do in Wyoming.

         Oregon Facts and Figures
Capital:   Salem
Total area:   254,806 sq km
Population:   3,594,586 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Western Meadowlark
State flower:   Oregon Grape Blossom
State tree:   Douglas Fir
From Coastline's to Mountain tops to waterfalls discovering Oregon is entertainment or a unique kind.
Visit the 9 lighthouses sitting majestically among the rocky coastline or take a walk through the Oregon Dunes between the Pacific Ocean and the series of lakes.
Between Willamette and the Columbia Rivers is Portland where more than 500 varieties of Rose's have been cultivated giving it the title "The City of Roses".
Mount Hood, while in actuality is a dormant volcano, stands with snow on it's cap as a source of outdoor activities to include, skiing and hiking with beautiful scenery all around.
A trip through Silver Falls State Park with it's 10 waterfalls offers an afternoon or a weekend of exploration through a forested park. Crater Lake, formed by the collapse of a volcano is the deepest Lake in the United States.
With clear, crystal-blue waters, it's surrounded by natural beauty. The Oregon Caves National Monument, which was naturally carved within an outcropping of solid marble, has several large rooms and corridors, was discovered in 1874. Smith Rock State Park offers some incredibly craggy and rough surfaces that rock-climbers from around the globe test their skills on. John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, are hills where layers of weathering volcanic ash can be seen in unusual strips of color. The ash was deposited some 40 million years ago. So if you prefer visiting history of geography or taking a trip through Hell's Canyon, the deepest river gorge in North America on a raft or boat, or rock climbing, fishing, viewing Portland's architecture or a weekend in one of the many parks, Oregon offers it's own unique views and activities.

         Pennsylvania Facts and Figures
Capital:   Harrisburg
Total area:   135,765 sq km
Population:   12,406,292 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Ruffed Grouse
State flower:   Mountain Laurel
State tree:   Hemlock   
Known as an Industrial powerhouse for resources such as coal, timber, iron ore and oil, Pennsylvania was also an important part of the health and well-being of a newly forming America as a whole.
Lewis and Clark set off on their journey to discover the west from Pittsburgh.
In Eldred Pennsylvania is a World War II Museum dedicated to the men and women who fought to protect the independence the United States prides itself on.
Erie Pennsylvania is the home port of the U.S. Brig Niagara, which is a reconstruction or the warship that won the Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812.
In Waterford is the Fort Leboeuf Museum. This fort was used during the French and Indian War.
Hermitage Pennsylvania home to The Avenue of Flags, known for it's resurgence of patriotism, where a flag was erected for everyday the 53 citizens of the United States were held during the Iranian hostage crisis.
From Pennsylvania's Great Lakes, to wilds, to mountains history of the development of the United States abounds while enjoying activities such as fishing, hunting, hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, train rides through time and history as well as scenery trails are there to be discovered, through the development of a prosperous industrial, agriculture or architecture, your sure to find an array of activities.

Rhode Island
         Rhode Island Facts and Figures
Capital:   Providence
Total area:   4,002 sq km
Population:   1,080,632 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Rhode Island Red
State flower:   Violet
State tree:   Red Maple
Although Rhode Island is the smallest of the continental States, it is a powerhouse of history for the Nation.
With it's abundance of Colonial and Victorian homes as well as mansions to be toured, the first enclosed shopping mall, the first manufacturing plant in America Rhode Island offers history and beauty that is timeless.
Explore a delightful 17th century fishing village, or take a walk on the long sandy beaches. In Newport is a 5+ mile stretch of walkway called The Cliff Walk rough ocean waters far beneath with Mansion's on the top of the bluff's.
Many of the oldest and the old wealth people of the United States made Rhode Island home century's ago.
In Newport is the Historical society archives and library, which houses over 200,000 historical photographs as well as exhibits of colonial, silver, china, portraits and ship models.
Narragansett Bay offers activities such as waterfront dining, shopping, sailing, fishing, cruising, swimming and seal watching among the historic villages along the scenic coast.
Enjoy some time camping in some of the 60% of remaining woodlands or along the seashore. Travel out to Block island to see a glacial depression, with spectacular ocean views, which is the last remaining habitat of the Block Island Meadow Vole.
Part of New England, Rhode Island adds to the classical beauty of the region with winding roads, ocean travel and relaxing days laying on the beach under a warm summer sun.

South Carolina
         South Carolina Facts and Figures
Capital:   Columbia
Total area:   82,931 sq km
Population:   4,198,068 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Carolina Wren
State flower:   Carolina Jessamine
State tree:   Palmetto
Beside's well known beaches such as Myrtle Beach, South Carolina offers many more activities. 
In Abbeville, South Carolina, revisit a time when gracious hospitality was a way of life. When anticipation filled the days waiting for the entertainment of the evening.
In Beaufort, spanish explorers were the first to arrive over 100 years before the Pilgrims made their ocean voyage.  Lord Cornwallis spent his days and nights at the British garrison which could be found in Camden and fought the battle of Hobkirk Hill and Camden in the area.
Along the banks of the Pee Dee river is Cheraw, which was named for the Cheraw Indians who lived in the area. Cheraw is know by area residents as the prettiest town in dixie.
Darlington, in the heart of the agriculture region for the state, is home to tobacco auctions and numerous cotton fields.
Georgetown, was settled in 1526 and was the first settlement in North America, however Indian attacks and a hurricane drove the Spaniards out of the area. Re-established in 1729 and gained it's name from Kind George II.
Along the docks today, now called Harborwalk, is an array of shops and restaurants.
The movie Deliverance, about a whitewater rafting trip, was shot along the Chattooga River between Long Creek and Mountain Rest. 40 miles of river to explore that divides South Carolina from Georgia.
In Pendleton is a 6,000 square foot farm museum called Village Green. Tales of a ghost that haunt Hunter's store, built in 1850 as a general store, are passed through the generations.
Summerville, South Carolina was built for refuge during a time when Charleston was hit with malaria. Because of it's old homes and gardens, it's known as Flowertown in the pines.
So whether looking for warm ocean waters to swim, surf or just lay under the warm sun, to searching for a piece of the past of the beginning of the history of the United States, South Carolina is there to be explored.

South Dakota
         South Dakota Facts and Figures
Capital:   Pierre
Total area:   199,732 sq km
Population:   770,883 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Ring-Necked Pheasant
State flower:   Pasque Flower
State tree:   Black Hills Spruce
South Dakota brings to mind Mount Rushmore, long rivers, mountains and seasonal changes. Now some of the life in South Dakota will be brought to televisions screens with the new series "Deadwood".
Kayak down the Missouri River, following the same trail that Lewis and Clark did all those years ago when nature was raw, and the present became history.
Not more than 15 minutes from Mount Rushmore is Crazy Horse Memorial, carved in 1939, as a testament to the American Indians.
Named Paha Sapa by the Lakota Sioux, this 1.2 million acre expanse known as the Black Hills offers multiple activities such as hiking, biking and camping.
With deep canyons, cascading trout streams, mountain meadows, clear, clean lakes and towering granite peaks, surrounded by thick forest of spruce and pine trees which cover the slopes, from a distance making them look black, thus giving on of the oldest mountains it's name.
Jewel Cave is within the Black Hills and is the 3rd largest cave in the world, with nearly 130 mils of passages.
If caves are of interest, Wind Cave is also in South Dakota and is one of the worlds longest caves.
In southwestern South Dakota lay the badlands, with eroded buttes, pinnacles and spires, surrounded by grass prairie, this area remains protected so that it can remain a national treasure.
South Dakota is rich the history of an Indian Nation to the gold rush in the black hills in days where Deadwood was the place to be, as long as you stayed out of the way of people such as Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane.

         Tennessee Facts and Figures
Capital:   Nashville
Total area:   109,150 sq km
Population:   5,900,962 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Mockingbird
State flower:   Iris
State tree:   Tulip Poplar
Traveling through Tennessee is like taking a trip through time.
From the history of the development of the United States to the development of Country Music as well as Music as a whole. Tennessee has played a major role to where we are today.
Though the battles of yesterday are over, the memory of the brave people that fought in those battles is alive and well, their sacrifices have not gone without being honored for all generations to come.
In Elizabethton, these is an outdoor drama which depicts the history of Tennessee in the 18th Century. Hartsville, Tennessee continue's to maintain trails overlooking a battlefield from the Civil War that includes graves of some of those people that lost their lives, they also have erected a monument with all the names carved into it.
There are many such battlefields in Shiloh, Parker's Crossroads, Beech Grove, Franklin and Grover, just to name a few.
If it's the history of Music that perks your interest, artists such as B. B. King, Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, Isaac Hayes, Loretta Lynn and Hank Williams all were residents of Tennessee.
Of course Nashville filled with the world's music museum is an experience not to be overlooked. Also portrayed in the wax museum in Nashville more then 50 country music stars in their authentic clothes.
On the Sidewalk of Stars, more than 250 autographed hand and footprints. From lakes and waterfalls, mountains and gardens, there is much of Tennessee to discover for those ready for the adventure.

New Mexico
         New Mexico Chat Facts
Capital:   Santa Fe
Total area:   314,917 sq km
Population:   1,903,289 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Roadrunner
State flower:   Yucca
State tree:   Pion
In the Wild West days of New Mexico, Billy the Kid, made his name.
Fort Sumner remains his final resting place, however his legend remains alive and active at the Billy the Kid Museum, where some 60,000 relics are on display, in Fort Sumner, New Mexico.
In Carlsbad, is the Carlsbad Caverns National Park. Caves filled with stalactites and stalagmites, are there to explore either with a guide or on self-guided tours.
The deepest limestone cave in the Nation at some 1,567 feet is in the Lechuguilla Cave. The "big room" is some eight football fields in length.
Also in the region are several other caves to explore. In Chama remains a railroad built more than 120 years ago on which, scenic railroad tours are offered from the steep Toltec Canyon to Colorado.
This is a remnant of a railroad that once stretched throughout the Rocky Mountains, known as, the Denver and Rio Grande railroad system.
In Santa Fe is the Sandia Peak Aerial tramway, which climbs 4,000 feet in 15 minutes, carry's 50 people with a spectacular 11,000 square mile view from the Rio Grande to Mount Taylor, to the Redondo Peak to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains to the Manzano Mountains.
New Mexico is also home to Roswell, which is infamous for UFO reports.
In Los Alamos, is the Valles Caldera National preserve where millions of years ago, a volcano collapsed leaving in it's wake this 15 mile wide center, one that has been pointed out from satellite's from outer space.
Activities such as cross country skiing, geology, stargazing, fishing, hiking, wagon rides, are offered in this region.
Also not to be overlooked are is the Tent Rocks National Monument which was formed by explosions from volcanic eruption and the White Sands National Monument where gypsum sand covers some 275 square miles of desert and offer many activities to those wishing to view it.

New York
         New York Facts and Figures
Capital:   Albany
Total area:   127,190 sq km
Population:   19,190,115 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Bluebird
State flower:   Rose
State tree:   Sugar Maple
The glitter and glamour of New York draws people by the thousand to seek fame, fortune or just to visit those that are seeking or have obtained fame and fortune.
Not to be overlooked is the Nation's history surrounding New York to include the Statue Of Liberty.
In the Adirondack mountains is a vast history of mining and military sites complete with bridges, farms, lighthouses, prisons and hamlets.
The Hancock house in Ticonderoga is a replica of the John Hancock house in Boston. Visit Lake Placid, the site of the 1932 Winter Olympic Games.
In Albany, New York's Capitol sits the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, which is the oldest Cathedral in the country.
Champlain Canal Byway in Saratoga Springs is the birthplace of the American Navy. In Johnstown, New York the Drumm House, built in the 1760's still stands as a testament to the history of the United States.
Activities such as air sports, boating, sailing, fishing, hiking, whitewater, kayaking, golfing, rock climbing, skiing, caving, scuba diving, dog sledding.. the possibilities are endless.
New York is home to some of the world's tallest buildings to include the remains of the 2001 terrorist act against the United States in the fall of the World Trade Center's, Twin Towers.
As in the past The United States will band together against it's adversaries.
As the bulk of traffic entering the United States enters through New York, the welcoming arms of truth and justice of the Statue Of Liberty continues to offer hope for a brighter future, one free of oppression and prejudice.
So if it's excitement you seek, there's not many places that can equal the excitement you'll find in New York.   

North Carolina
         North Carolina Facts and Figures
Capital:   Raleigh
Total area:   139,391 sq km
Population:   8,541,221 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Dogwood
State flower:   Camellia
State tree:   Pine
North Carolina stands as the last state to secede from the Union and join the Confederacy.
Within the borders of this historical State is much history, natural beauty and a wealth of story's of "The Old North State".
Travel to Waynesville where the last shot was to be fired marking the end of the civil war.
It was in Manteo, North Carolina that Pulitzer Prize winner Paul Green started the outdoor drama "The Lost Colony", which remains the oldest and longest running drama of it's kind, which was performed in the Waterside Theatre and tells the tale of of the original settler's and their struggles the New World.
Many such works of art continue throughout North Carolina. With the start of moonshine running from the law ended up leading North Carolina to being at the heart of racing country.
Speedways such as Lowe's Motor Speedway and Charlotte Speedway. From go karts to NASCAR, these fans take their racing very seriously.
The Wright Brother's first flight from North Carolina's Outer Banks marked a place in history that many feel will lead to the survival of Mankind.
With 120 different species of tree's, mountains filled with tales of the past of the Cherokee Indian's, lake, coastline North Carolina is abundant with activities and places for discovery.

North Dakota
         North Dakota Facts and Figures
Capital:   Bismarck
Total area:   183,112 sq km
Population:   634,366 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Western Meadowlark
State flower:   Wild Prairie Rose
State tree:   American Elm
North Dakota was the 39th state to be admitted into statehood 11/2/1889.
Visiting North Dakota is a portal to a distant time.
Lewis and Clark, Sacagawea, General Custer, Sitting Bull, and President Teddy Roosevelt all lived out larger-than-life adventures in North Dakota!
Visitors can follow in their footsteps or blaze your own path and discover what makes North Dakota a great place to visit.
In North Dakota one can follow the trail of Lewis and Clark, or visit Medicine Hole, where the Sioux climbed to escape Custer's troops. Also while in ND one might visit the United Tribes International Powwow, which is the best way to experience historic and modern Native American culture.
To round out your western experience, visit one of North Dakota's five forts. In the old west town of Medora one can visit the Chateau deMores, the home of the original settlers of Medora. Medora also offers plenty of entertainment with the Medora Musical, performed nightly in the amphitheater.
The Medora Musical is different every year and features performers from all over the globe. While in Medora one might also decide to get in tune with nature Medora offers horse back riding, camping, fishing, and borders Theodore Roosevelt National park.
North Dakota has a strong grasp on it's past with so much history to offer, however, the future of North Dakota relies greatly on it's agricultural industry and ranching.
Where there are cowboys there will be rodeos, the true sport of the wild west! So whether your interests lie in hunting, fishing, history, or plain relaxation North Dakota is a wonderful place to kick up your heels.

         Ohio Facts and Figures
Capital:   Columbus
Total area:   116,096 sq km
Population:   11,459,011 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Cardinal
State flower:   Scarlet Carnation
State tree:   Buckeye
The Ohio valley is the site of prehistoric, where the natives of the era's made geometric patterns and mounds of various shapes.
Visible remains of the Hopewell Culture are concentrated in the Scioto River valley near Chillicothe, Ohio.
Just 4 miles north of Brownsville is Flint Ridge, where there are quarry pits where flint was harvested in days where it was invaluable.
In Oregonia is the Fort Ancient State Memorial, where 18,000 feet of earthen walls were built by American Indians.
Outside of the village of Leo are some 37 example's of prehistoric Indian inscriptions.
Ohio was the birthplace and home to many presidents to include Ulysses S. Grant, James Garfield, Benjamin Harrison, William Taft, Warren Harding and although born in Virginia, William Henry Harrison proclaimed Ohio his home by settling in North Bend.
Ohio also houses the National Museum of the U.S.A. F., which can be seen at Wright Patterson AFB and features an imax theater where the history of flight can be experienced in a realistic manner.
Sandusky Ohio, home to some of the worlds biggest roller coasters is Cedar Point. If it's thrills you seek, few theme park's can match Cedar Point's adrenaline rush.
With it's vast waterways, lakes, open spaces, Ohio offers the outdoor enthusiast an array of activities from fishing, hunting, golfing and in the winter snow boarding, sledding, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing.

         Oklahoma Facts and Figures
Capital:   Oklahoma City
Total area:   181,035 sq km
Population:   3,523,553 (2004 est)
State Bird:
   Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher
State flower:   Mistletoe
State tree:   Redbud
Oklahoma a part of the wild west and easily recognized by a theater production by the same name has a wealth of history and natural resources.
Lake Texoma is one home of the striped bass hot spots. Chisholm Trail Heritage Center in Duncan breaths life back into the old west and the great cattle drives of the 19th century, with an imax theater.
Outside of Perkins Oklahoma is Horsethief Canyon Ranch, which was the hideout of the Bill Doolin gang in days where horseback was the way to travel and the future of the West was discussed with guns.
There are many such site's in the State with several ranch's that offer hospitality to those wishing to spend the day on the trails by horseback.
If horseback isn't your idea of how the west should be discovered there are hiking trails or mule-drawn wagon's. Travel along side the Cimarron River for some beautiful sightseeing.
In Norman Oklahoma is the NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory, which specializes in severe and hazardous weather research. Tours are allowed and encouraged.
Oklahoma is home to some of most renowned sculpture's of the Native Americans to include Standing Bear Native American Memorial Park, located in Ponca City, Oklahoma where a bronze sculpture of Ponca Chief Standing Bear stands 22 feet tall, honoring the six Native American tribes around Ponca City.
Talimena Scenic Byway consists of 54 mile's of highway through the Ouchita Mountains and has been named as a National Scenic Byway. The RS and K Railroad Museum in Sayre, Oklahoma houses over 250 model trains.
In Oklahoma City is the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. The Museum houses a 14,000 square foot turn of the century Western town named Prosperity Junction.
From Rodeo's to fishing, hunting, sightseeing, the history of the Old West, sightseeing, art's, culture, Oklahoma continues to hold many National treasure's sure to engage, entertain and fulfill a quest for knowledge.
         Missouri Facts and Figures
Capital:   Jefferson City
Total area:   180,533 sq km
Population:   5,754,618 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Bluebird
State flower:   Hawthorn
State tree:   Dogwood
Whether you'd like a gently stroll around the Capitol building enjoying the quiet serenity of flower's and birds to the rugged hiking throughout the Ozark trail, Missouri offers history of the expansion of the west to the civil war.
See the giant red boulders, which make up Elephant Rocks State Park, on top of the Ozark hills. Take a visit to Mark Twain National Forest and enjoy with it's borders Wappapello Lake, known for its winter and spring crappie fishing.
Visit The Grand Gulf State Park, known as a mini-Grand Canyon, to the west of Thayer. Explore the many caves, trails, city streets can be a wondrous adventure for all.
Within Missouri is the world's largest man made caverns, in which scuba-diving is offered.
Take a glimpse at the 630 foot Gateway Arch, a reminder of Missouri's importance in the expansion westward. Stop into the Cathedral Basilica which holds the largest collection of mosaic art in the world.
Visit the home of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn from Mark Twain's delightful stories of the 2 boys and their adventures.
Whether your seeking out the history of the United States, art, culture, entertainment, outdoors activities, you'll find a delightful time in Missouri, known for it's hospitality to visitors.

         Montana Facts and Figures
Capital:   Helena
Total area:   380,837 sq km
Population:   926,865 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Western Meadowlark
State flower:   Bitterroot
State tree:   Ponderosa pine
Montana, home of Glacier and Yellowstone national parks, filled with wonder and beauty that is awe inspiring. Breath taking views along the many, horseback, cycling, hiking or rafting trails.
Follow in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark as they discovered what is known today. Step on the battle field of Little Big Horn and watch the reenactments. Life was tough and only the strong survived.
Nicknamed Treasure State, Montana lives up to the name with a past history of gold and silver mining. Along these mining routes lay ghost towns of the original settlers, what stories they could tell of the wild west in the days of Montana's discovery.
Montana has many indian tribes that remain alive today to continue to pass on the heritage of their tribes to their children and to those that wish to learn of life in native America.
With it's wide open spaces, fresh clean air, and a landscape unmatched anywhere else in the world, Montana remains a national treasure for all to explore.   

         Nebraska Facts and Figures
Capital:   Lincoln
Total area:   200,346 sq km
Population:   1,747,214 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Western Meadowlark
State flower:   Goldenrod
State tree:   Cottonwood
As unpredictable as is it's weather, Nebraska is filled with endless possibilities of exploration.
From the panhandle region to the Lewis and Clark Region to the metro region, Nebraska offers beautiful scenery and activities to fill your days.
Travel along the Heritage highway, where tall grass prairies and farmland close to the Missouri River, thrive. Lewis and Clark were not the only one to make the journey, native American's, trappers, the original settlers all made their life along the Missouri River.
Near Blair the first military post west of the Missouri River was placed, where life as on the frontier can be revisited.
On the Winnebago Reservation remains among the grassy plains, large bison herds. Stop in for a powwow, where tribal dances are still being practiced.
Spend some time boating, fishing, hiking, horseback riding to see just a sample of endless days to explore could provide.
If your looking for fossils Agate is internationally recognized, maybe you could be the one to find the fossil of a bear-dog.
Near Orchard is Ash Fall State Historical Park where 10 million years ago after the eruption of a volcano pre-historic animals suffocated at a watering hole.
Whether you're looking for a taste of the past, or just a taste of relaxation surrounded by some of the most awesome view, Nebraska, makes a fine stop in your adventures of life.

         Nevada Facts and Figures
Capital:   Carson City
Total area:   
286,352 sq km
Population:   2,334,771 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Mountain Bluebird
State flower:   Sagebrush
State tree:   Single-Leaf Pinion
Well known for the bright light of Las Vegas, Nevada offers, outdoor and indoor entertainment to fill your days and nights.
Filled with beautiful natural and manmade sights to see there is much more than casino's to explore.
Watch some of the off road challenges in the Black Rock Desert, stop by Virginia City, Nevada to see the history of mining in Nevada.
Take a trip to Sand Mountain with it's 600 feet height and 2 mile stretch of white sand dunes which is open to four wheel vehicle's. Spend some time white water rafting down the Colorado River.
Thousand of feet high in the East Humboldt range on the "highway to heaven" is Angel Lake filled with activities from camping, hiking and backpacking. Ruby Mountains in the Northeastern Nevada area are known to be the wettest and most lush in the state.
In the heart of this mountain range is Lamoille Canyon, where some of the most breathtaking views can be seen on a backpacking or hiking trip covering more then 100 miles. Lake Tahoe and Pyramid Lake with their crystal-clear waters and mountainous views.
Mount Rose is the highest point in the state that descends into Lake Tahoe. Red Rock Canyon, The Great Basin, Mount Charleston, Valley of Fire, are also there to be explored.
Whether you want to spend your day on the Las Vegas Boulevard or in solitude, you're sure to say it wasn't a waste of your time to discover just a piece of Nevada.

New Hampshire
         New Hampshire Facts and Figures
Capital:   Concord
Total area:   24,216 sq km
Population:   1,299,500 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Purple Finch
State flower:   Purple Lilac
State tree:   White Birch
Whether you wish to discover the history or a Nation or discover a place of tranquil beauty, New Hampshire known as a part of the New England States, can offer opportunities.
Take a trip to Mount Washington Valley, whether to ski, hick, fish or just sight see. Bretton Woods Mountain resort is also there to be explored.
From arts and heritage, flora and fauna, family entertainment, golf, maple sugaring, sleigh rides, romance, skiing, or just playing in the snow.
New Hampshire has a wide variety of activities while offering tremendous views covering the Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee, the Great North Woods, the Merrimack Valley, the seacoast and the White Mountains.
While in the White Mountains experience rock climbing, ice climbing, snow shoeing or cross country skiing whether on a guided tour or on your own.
Or spend an evening for 2 in one of the most gorgeous romantic getaways surrounded by the White Mountains.
Enjoy a warm cozy fire and champagne or just enjoy breakfast in bed while gazing out your window at the snow draped mountain.
Spend some time at the Castle in the Clouds, while being surrounded by 5,200 acre's of the Ossipee Mountains, while viewing Lake Winnipesaukee.
Spend some time hiking, through the marked mountain trails.
Stop and feed the giant trout at Shannon Pond or take along a picnic basket to stop for a snack while enjoying the scenery.
If you'd like to a taste at the wildlife, stop by the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, 200 acre's of natural science abound.
From bears to otters, owls, bobcats, foxes live there in peace, living life as they always have, untouched by civilization.
Take a cruise on Lake Winnipesaukee or spend at day at Canobie Lake Park. Arts, history, entertainment are yours to discover in New Hampshire.

New Jersey
         New Jersey Facts and Figures
Capital:   Trenton
Total area:   135,765 sq km
Population:   8,698,879 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Eastern Goldfinch
State flower:   Purple Violet
State tree:   Red Oak
From a whale watching tour in Cape May, to the lights and sounds of casino's in Atlantic City, New Jersey has a vast array of attractions and activities.
Take a walk on the battleship New Jersey, the most decorated of all battleships in U.S.Navy history, which now lays berthed as a floating museum on Camden Water front Stop into the Cowtown Rodeo, the oldest rodeo on the East Coast, in Pilesgrove.
Take a ride on the Crystal Queen, open all year around this is a double-deck paddle wheel cruise, which travels the Little Egg Harbor Bay. Marine life is bountiful, which will make the already scenic trip more enjoyable.
History reveals itself on a historical trolley tour on Long Beach Island. Strange and unusual things collected on Robert Ripley's many travels are displayed at the Ripley's Believe it of Not Museum in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
There are plenty of lighthouses to visit, lot's of amusement parks and a walk down the one and only Seaside Park Boardwalk.

         Maine Facts and Figures
Capital:   Augusta
Total area:   91,647 sq km
Population:   1,317,253 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Chickadee
State flower:   White Pine Cone and Tassel
State tree:   White Pine
Whether you're looking for winter sports fun or an ocean front boardwalk, Maine is the place to visit or live.
Take a tour of one of the 60 lighthouse in Maine, by boat, bicycle, train or trolley.
If winter activities suit you're personality, snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling, or horse drawn carriage, take a trip and discover the beauty of Maine.
Foliage in the fall doesn't get more beautiful than in Maine.
If marine life is something you've been wanting to discover or re discover, take a trip out to sea on one of the many whale watching excursions.

         Maryland Facts and Figures
Capital:   Annapolis
Total area:   32,134 sq km
Population:   5,558,058 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Baltimore Oriole
State flower:   Black-Eyed Susan
State tree:   White Oak
Many of the greats from the history of America have traveled the roads through Maryland.
From George Washington to Harriet Tubman, to the brave men and woman who fought in the civil war. There are many trails and byways covered with history of the United States.
Take a trip up the Chesapeake to discover the source of it's charms. Travel from the ocean to the bay, filled with memorable moments, seeing the countryside and the small town charms on the way.
Take a chartered fishing boat or a cruise, stop into a theater and have some dinner while being entertained. Activities in Maryland can range from skiing to spending the day at the 6 flags amusement park.
Camping, fishing, hiking, golfing, sailing, choose whichever you prefer while enjoying the atmosphere of one of the oldest states within America.

         Massachusetts Facts and Figures
Capital:   Boston
Total area:   27,337 sq km
Population:   6,416,505 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Chickadee
State flower:   Mayflower
State tree:   American Elm
Although we can never truly understand what the pilgrims thought when they stepped off from the boats in Plymouth Massachusetts the day they arrived, we can gaze at the land and imagine, after months of traveling on that long ocean voyage, seeing the sight of land and tree's.
How scary it must have been to have meet the first native american, coming out of the woods to stare at the strange people climbing over the sides of their ship. How they must have rejoiced that first Thanksgiving when it seemed they could survive in this wilderness they now called home.
Massachusetts, rich in American history, has much to offer in tourism.
Take a walk down the boardwalk on Natasket beach, watching the red, warm sun as it rises over the cold, Atlantic ocean.
Watching the skyline of Boston as the sun rises higher into the sky. Take a walk down the freedom trail in Boston, listen for the sound of Paul Revere as he called out "The English are coming".
Look into Boston Harbor, where in defiance, America fought for it's freedom, by dumping the tea. Stop into Salem and see the history of the witch craft burnings.
Whether you enjoy indoor activities or outdoor activities, Massachusetts has much to offer.

         Michigan Facts and Figures
Capital:   Lansing
Total area:   250,493 sq km
Population:   10,112,620 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Robin
State flower:   Apple Blossom
State tree:   White Pine
Hunting, fishing, boating, kayaking, snowmobiling, skiing are just some of the activities you can enjoy in Michigan.
With its wealth of natural waterways, it is a water paradise. Wide open areas of raw beauty are visible on a drive from the lower to the upper peninsula.
Walk along the shores of Lake Michigan in Ludington, see the old seaport town charm on the way. Follow the trail of the Edmund Fitzgerald across Lake Superior, where many such ships have met the same fate.
Spend some time in Mackinac Island, see life from the simpler days while riding a bicycle or just walking around. Mackinac also boosts some of the best fudge in the world.
Take a dinner cruise around the Soo Locks, or a dinner ride on a train throughout Michigan to see the natural beauty.
Whether you prefer to spend your day on a golf course or in a casino, you'll find more than enough to fill your calendar in Michigan.

         Minnesota Facts and Figures
Capital:   St. Paul
Total area:   225,171 sq km
Population:   5,100,958 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Common Loon
State flower:   Showy Lady's Slipper
State tree:   Red Pine
Minnesota, the state of 1000 lakes is fun for the whole family.
A weekend camping in the rustic state parks, fishing, swimming, or just sitting by a quiet, cozy, campfire.
Whether you wish to take a guided tour of like to wander off alone, Minnesota's wild land will keep you occupied with beautiful scenery.
Travel by foot, horseback, sleigh ride, of if you prefer, take a kayak, a paddleboat, train or bicycle.
Winter months are filled with skiing, sledding, snowmobiling, ice fishing, or just curled up to a nice warm fire as the snow swirls around outside.
Spend some time in the Wabasha street caves where the gangsters hung out, or in Forestville at the Mystery cave.

         Mississippi Facts and Figures
Capital:   Jackson
Total area:   125,433 sq km
Population:   2,902,966 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Mockingbird
State flower:   Magnolia
State tree:   Magnolia
Mississippi is known as the birthplace of American Music and is full of American history and has a new activity to do at each turn - hunting, shopping, tours, learning and just relaxing.
Down in Mississippi, you'll be able to visit a variety of places - many that have historical significance, such as the Freedom Summer Trail which played a part in the 1960's Civil Rights Movement.
If that doesn't suit you, there's always plenty of Civil War attractions to visit - museums, libraries, cemeteries and even battlefields!
If you have kids, there's plenty to keep them busy. Mississippi is home to the largest indoor playground on the coast - the Fun Factory Family Fun Center.
Mississippi also has mini golf centers, doll exhibits, aquariums, riverboat tours, speedways, scavenger hunts and so much more!
Go sailing or fishing, eat seafood, take a tour of the bayous, visit gardens - even go on a shrimping trip! The activities in Mississippi are limitless!
         Illinois Facts and Figures
Capital:   Springfield
Total area:   149,997 sq km
Population:   12,713,634 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Cardinal
State flower:   Native Violet
State tree:   White Oak
Illinois was the 21st state to be admitted into statehood 12/3/1818.
Illinois located in the heart of America, continues to supplement the country with the vastness of farmlands, which their long rolling fields of corn, wheat and soybeans.
Take a stroll through the home of Ronald Regan's childhood, or walk the path of Abraham Lincoln. Spend time at one of the many theater's around and in Chicago, or stand in awe as you gaze up at the Sear's Center.
When take a walk down North Michigan Avenue and don't forget your wallet, this vast stretch of shopping galleries is sure to find the ends of your budget.
Stop by Millennium Park for an outdoor concert, with 25 acres of park filled with sculptures, when you get tired of walking, you're sure to find an empty spot to sit back and relax while feeling the cool breeze from Lake Michigan.
View all of Chicago on top of the Sear's building from the 94th floor Hancock observatory. Step up onto the Skywalk and take a tour at 1,000 feet, you may need to grab hold of a friend!
Whatever you enjoy Illinois has to offer, camping, fishing, shopping or just hanging out.

         Indiana Facts and Figures
Capital:   Indianapolis
Total area:   94,322 sq km
Population:   6,237,569 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Cardinal
State flower:   Peony
State tree:   Tulip Poplar
Whether looking for a fast paced day at the races or in a casino to taking a leisurely boating trip down the Ohio River.
Indiana has a host of activities for the outdoor enthusiast. Fishing, camping, hiking, biking, hunting abound in the vast stretches of open ground.
Get a taste of the Amish life on an Amish Get Away. Learn the quiet peaceful life far away from the concerns of the rat race.
Take a tour of the Grissom Air Museum, see the progression of the United States Air force from WWII to the Gulf War.
See the home of the writer Ernie Pyle, his writings taking you back to a time when life was uncertain during the WWII days.
Splash around in Lake Michigan or stroll through the sand dunes during the summer months or enjoy the countryside during the winter months in it's winter wonderland of splendor.

         Iowa Facts and Figures
Capital:   Des Moines
Total area:   145,744 sq km
Population:   2,954,451 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Eastern Goldfinch
State flower:   Wild Rose
State tree:   Oak
Iowa has an array of things to see and experience that will fascinate you.
There are historic settlements along the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, culturally rich towns, and bustling cities with modern attractions and amenities.
You could visit museums and galleries, take in an opera or theatrical performance, or even cheer for your favorite team at a major sporting event.
In the Northwestern part of the state Iowa can offer the Alberta City Historical Museum, Camp Algona POW Museum, The Armstrong heritage museum, The Iowa Rock Ďní roll museum, and much more.
In the west central area of Iowa you could see bull run speedway, Nathaniel Hamlin Park and Museum, Avoca Family Aquatic Center, Slayton Rock, or Ameristar Casino Hotel.
Southwest Iowa offers a variety of museums, as well as Adams County Speedway, Glenn Millerís birthplace home, and Union County visitorís center.
In central Iowa you could take in one of many museums, heritage centers, or art centers.
You might also want to try your hand at the Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino, or catch a game at Iowa State University. Eastern Iowa features Bloomsbury Farm, Oster Regent Theater, Little Red School house, and many museums.
And for all you sports fans the Burlington Bees Professional Baseball is located in south east Iowa. No matter what youíre interested in Iowa is defiantly a great place to experience it all.

         Kansas Facts and Figures
Capital:   Topeka
Total area:   213,096 sq km
Population:   2,735,502 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Western Meadowlark
State flower:   Sunflower Helianthus Annuus
State tree:   Cottonwood
When you're looking to discover facts about dinosaur's or moon rocks, there's no better place to start looking than Kansas.
Follow the blazed trails the pioneer's traveled across the open prairie, watch the bison graze on the way. So many pioneer's traveled this way you can still see the grooves left from their wagon wheels.
Explore the great outdoors in the arc of the western frontier.
Spend some time on a ranch and learn how it was in the days when cowboys spent endless days driving the herds of cattle to brand them with the smoldering end of a trademark for all to bear witness.
If you'd rather take a look at the future, spend the day at the Kansas Cosmosphere & Space Center, in Hutchinson, on what's known as the Adult Astronaut Adventure Discover what the astronaut's know in an flight simulator as you direct a lunar rover mission.
Or just kick back in one of the many bed and breakfast center retreats. Spend a day on a pontoon boat on a trip down the Delaware river.
Discover the raw nature of Kansas on a walking trail, or by buggy or take a hay ride, whatever your pleasure is, you're sure to find plenty to do.

         Kentucky Facts and Figures
Capital:   Frankfort
Total area:   104,659 sq km
Population:   4,145,922 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Cardinal
State flower:   Goldenrod
State tree:   Kentucky Coffee Tree
Whether you go to Kentucky to watch the Kentucky Derby or just take a glance at the infamous Churchill Downs, or to talk a walk where the Battle of the Bridge, one of the well known battle grounds from the Civil War, Kentucky is rich in American History.
President Lincoln knew this from the time he was a small boy, running through the rolling bluegrass or over the hills, through the hollows. Fishing at the creek or in one of the big lakes. Little did he know as that small boy, the role life was to give him, in the history of the United States.
Bill Monroe, known as the Father of Bluegrass was also born in Kentucky. Maybe he sat at his fathers chair as a boy, learning the history of music, on the front porch.
Travel to the Eastern Highlands North to Butcher Hollow and see the childhood home of Loretta Lynn and Crystal Gayle. People struggling to make a living that were able to overcome the hard life to learn and enjoy something as pleasing as music.
On Friday or Saturday night take a horse-drawn carriage tour in downtown Paducah. Take a look around one of the old southern Mansions, where maybe even you can be the bell of the ball, or the cavalier gentleman, seeking out his fame and fortune.

         Louisiana Facts and Figures
Capital:   Baton Rouge
Total area:   134,265 sq km
Population:   4,515,770 (2004 est)
State Bird:   Eastern Brown Pelican
State flower:   Magolia
State tree:   Cypress
When you go to Louisiana, take a trip through cajun country. This stretch of land from across the Gulf of Mexico, to the south central portion of the state, is where soup was made into gumbo, musical instruments consisted of washboards, the swamps and bayous with moss covered cypress tree's turn this into a mystical paradise to explore.
With many long lasting influences from the French, Spanish and African ancestor's, Louisiana is a model of culture diversity. Louisiana's wrought iron balconies have made their own mark in architecture history.
Plantation homes, along the mighty Mississippi, to the raised cottage's, still being rebuilt today in cajun country, are some of the diverse styles of housing you'll see in this great state.
Take a trip on a paddlewheel steamboat in the lazy days of the Mississippi, or spend some time shopping in New Orleans, where there is a wealth of American history being sold.
Watch the street performers as you leisurely make your way up the street on your quest to recover the glory days of the south. Travel across Lake Ponchatrain and look at the Causeway Bridge, which at 24 miles, is the longest expansion bridge in the world.
Stop and pickup some home-grown strawberries to enjoy after you're incredible seafood dinner, and night on the town on Mardi Gras day.
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